The Summer I Pretended You Were Mine • A Super Short Story•

There was a time long ago, I pretended you were mine. I was the hopeless romantic who weaved stories and you were the cool and confident one. 

The summer air smelled of Axe and Hawaiian Tropic as we we ran through the hidden trails. I sang along to every song on the radio and you were always making me laugh. The unspoken words hung in mid air never to be spoken. Yet, we continued to splash each other in the pool. Laughter filling starry nights. 

All to quickly the summer  ended and we had to go our separate ways. Though you were never mine to hold, I pretended you were. Even for a short time I felt loved. The words left unsaid knitted together with a memory of that summer. Occasionally to be pulled out to fondly remember that summer.

Years later we meet again. I still weave stories and you were still confident. No, we can’t go back to that summer. Despite the unsaid feelings, I will always remember the summer I pretended you were mine.

Oh! What A Beautiful Day! 

Oh! What a beautiful day we have been given! 

As the sun sets behind the trees and the wind nips your nose kissing the warm air bye for the day.

The corners of my heart take in the joy of the evening as another day comes to a close. 

A peace fills my soul with the wonder of creation as the sound of the water rushing past me. 

As I sit and take in the beauty and listen to the sound of the nature around me, I sit amazed. 

A day that reminds me that Winter is playing it’s final song as Spring’s song begins. 

Oh! What a beautiful day we have been given.