What I am Watching

Well it’s that time of year, where I am watching different TV shows since the last time I talked about what I was watching.  So Last times I chatted about what I was watching. I mentioned Downton Abbey and Shadowhunters, to name a couple.

  • Downton Abbey was amazing. I am really sad that it is over and I will miss the characters, the beautiful lines. it was just beautiful.
  • Shadowhunters……. I am going to be honest with you, I stopped watching it after the third episode. I was finding myself comparing the books and the show, and I was super critical. I decided that I was done. I know that people were starting to get into it by the 5th episode, but I couldn’t do it. Nothing was the way I personally imagined the world to be.. I am not going to bash the show because there were people who really enjoyed and to that I say: good for you! It just wasn’t for me. I am just going to reread the books for my shadowhunter fix.

Now to what I am watching now.

  • Greys Anatomy, I was not sure how this season would play out and I am loving this season! The episodes have been fantastic, and I am totally shipping Japril..
  • Outlander, I am going to do episode chats for Outlander. But so far, I LOVE IT!

What are you watching right now?


What I am Watching 

I am not a big TV watcher. Yet there are a some shows that I have been tuning in to watch. So here is my list!

1. Downton Abbey: Masterpiece PBS

I have been a fan since the beginning! And with this being the last season, I will miss it dearly! I will do a separate post later on my thoughts in depth!

2. Shadowhunters: Freeform

First: I am not fan of the new name. Second: while my expectations for this show were low so I was not extremely disappointed but I am not 100% committed either. I didn’t hate it but I didn’t love it. I think the big thing for me, was that the I pictured the Shadow world was not anywhere close to what was portrayed in the show. I loved Alec and Simon but had a hard time warming up to the other characters. And Jace’s first words to Clary? ” You. Have. The. Sight!” Why would that be your first words? However, I am holding out that it gets better.

3.The Shannara Chronicles: MTV

MTV???? I did not expect to like this show let along love it! But I am hooked! The graphics are good, the plot is good. Those demons are so creepy! 

What I am looking forward too…

1.Grey’s Anatomy:ABC

It left off in what? 4 cliff hangers? Dang you Shonda! Thank goodness Febuary is around the corner and I will finally find out what the heck is going on!

2.Once Upon A Time:ABC

I can not wait to see what the creators’ have in store for us this time. Excited for the Greek mythology that will be added this coming season! 

3.Outlander: Starz

Oh how I miss Jamie on my screen! Oh, and of course Claire. I am hoping to have Dragonfly in Amber done before it airs! 

What are you watching?