Daisy Jone & The Six[Spoiler Free]

Well, it has been way to long since my last book review. Thankfully that is coming to an end because I plan on bringing back the book reviews! Yay!! I am starting this off with a bang with probably the hottest book club read. In fact it has Reese Witherspoon’s book club seal on it. So if Reese is reading it, you know I had to see what the fuss was all about.

I am keeping this spoiler free, just my overall thoughts on the book itself. This book photograph’s well, which is a bonus. If you have been around for awhile, you know that pretty books are my weakness. So as you can tell from the photo and title of this blog, I am going to be talking about Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid.

Let me start with talking about how hard it was to find this book. I was going to rent it through the library app, but you guys the wait list was insane. Everyone wants their hands on this book. So I did what another bibliophile would do, I went out and bought it.

So before I go into my overall thoughts on this book, let me tell you what this book is about.

This is a coming of age story about Daisy Jones who lives in L.A. in the late sixties. Her voice gets noticed. Also getting noticed is The Six, a band. A producer noticed that that the key to success is to put the beautiful Daisy and brooding frontman Billy Dunne together. They form Daisy Jones and The Six and they create a hit album together only to go their separate ways after a concert in Chicago.

This was a good read, I really enjoyed the interview style. It felt like watching a interview on TV. I can honestly say that it was different from anything I have read before. I have nothing to really compare it too. Which is always a good thing with any book that I read. This book is an imagination heaven. I could picture the flash backs, the music… not mention the fact that 70’s rock and roll is summed up of sex, drugs and rock and roll. I also really enjoyed pulling up Janis Joplin, Fleetwood Mac… just to name the top two I can think of that I listened to while I was reading. In the edition that I got from Target, it included the song lyrics. I am not sure if that is the case with all the editions out there, if you know let me know in the comments, but I really enjoyed flipping through to the song lyrics as songs were finished.

Daisy Jones is a character, in the best way. I loved trying to get to know her. Underneath the tough act, she just wanted to be loved.

I have always had a soft spot for brooding male characters, and Billy Dunne was broody. There were some choices he made that will make you dislike him sometimes, especially during the process of them making the album.

Through out the book you are waiting to see where the big fall out is. Why did the band split up? The story covers a lot of tricky life situations. From dealing with the pressures of the music industry… down to the personal lives of the band members. All woven into beautiful complicated story. Prove that life is messy, and things are not always as they seem. I was pleasantly surprised that as the events unfolded they didn’t unfold the way I thought they would. I love when a book isn’t predictable.

A little note on the content. There is drug use, language, some sexual content but nothing explicit.

As for my overall rating for this book, I give it a 4 out of 5. One point simply because while I loved everything, there were some parts that were a tad slow for my liking. That is just a personal preference. I do highly recommend this book if your interested in a good coming of age book and music.

Have you read it? Let me know your thoughts down below in the comments! Also give me some recommendations, I am always looking for a new book to read!

Happy Reading!






















































































































































War & Peace Adaptation 

Photo from Google Images

Well I took an extended break to enjoy being with family and friend for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

I am not really a Black Friday shopper, in fact I spent Black Friday watching Gilmore Girls(my thoughts are coming on that!) but I went out Thanksgiving night and tried to find some DVDs to add to my collection. I have been wanting to watch this adaptation of War & Peace for a few reasons:

1. I love Lily James. I think she is gorgeous and I have yet to watch anything with her in it that I didn’t like. 

2. I never actually watched War & Peace before and I have never read the book. To be honest the book intimidates me a little. But I want to read it so Badly! 

3. It looked good. 🙂 

So I am going to keep this spoiler free and try and break things down  that I want to talk about. Then wrap things up with my final thoughts. 

• The scenery- Good Lord….. it was gorgeous and paired with a gorgeous soundtrack is… Be still my heart! Just so gorgeous. 

• I loved the character development with Pierre, Natasha and Andrei. They learned about love and forgiveness. I loved Andrei and Natasha very fairytale like and the heartbreak! Pierre coming to the realization he always loved one woman. 

• I was looking for a way to describe Andrei. And I saw someone beat me too it- A Russian Mr. Darcy. If your new here, everybody knows I love broody male characters. Mr.Darcy being my one true brooding love. I am thinking we need a new Pride and Prejudice adaptation and James Norton must play Mr. Darcy. 

• The costumes….. soooooo gorgeous can we talk about Natasha’s white lace dress next to Andrei’s White dress uniform? Swooning! Link below to watch the Waltz scene. 

Andrei and Natasha Waltz

All the costumes were gorgeous and I kinda wishing I could wear one of those gowns now. 

So in short, I loved this adaptation and I am adding the book to my TBR. I am definitely going to rewatch after I haversack the book. But like with a lot of adaptations they always tend to lean a little far from the book and I try and keep adaptations and books separate, especially if I love the adaptation. 

There are a couple sexed up scenes as well as some graphic battle scenes and wounds. The rating is TV-14 and is definitely for a mature audience. 


Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

You guys, this book. Back in January, this was one of my most anticipated books. I was excited and I took my own sweet time reading. This was our final job with the crew and it had me crying tears of relief, and sadness. 

I don’t do spoiler filled reviews, simply because I don’t want to accidentally spoil anyone. Reader friends, this book was so good. I am glad I took my time and enjoyed it from first word to last. 

We find ourselves cheering and in our imaginations helping the crew to finish the job. Mumbling No Mourners No Funerals to ourselves as we flip each page. It ended to soon and like so many endings before this one was bittersweet. 

A good book is alswaus too short. I gave this book a 5 out of 5. I loved the instant connection that you have with each character and the character development came about simply based off their circumstances. They had to survive and they needed each other to do it. I also loved that we got Wylans point of view. We got an even more in depth look into Kaz. Someone that no one else would want to cross but I would join his crew any day. Our ships came true and honestly was so good that it was really hard to put down. 

Have you read Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo? 

Let me know you thoughts! 


Salt To The Sea •Book Chat

Hello my reader friends! Welcome back to my home here on the Internet! 

I think this is the first time I have done a book chat on a book that was straight up historical fiction with no fantasy, no time travel… Which I kinda find shocking as I love historical fiction. Especially ones based off of true events. 

I have had Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys on my To-Read list for a little while. This was another that I checked out of library. 

I am going to keep this chat, as usual, spoiler free. 

|My Thoughts|

We start off in winter 1945. WWII is still going and innocent people were living in fear of being butchered. A lot of men,women and children were murdered in camps but the book took one true event that you don’t really hear about. Wilhelm Gustloff.

The book is divided by four teenagers all with a secret they keep. We meet; Joana,Florian,Emilia,and Alfred. Each one of them comes from a different homeland, and we experience to a degree the horror they feel. All four end up on the same ship 3 longing for freedom, and 1 on duty. 

I’ll be honest, up until reading this book, I had never heard of the Wilhelm Gustloff or of the tragedy that fell on it and it’s passengers. 

I loved this book, I would definitely say it is now one of my favorites. 

I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads.

Have you read Salt to the Sea by Ruta Sepetys? Let me know what you thought! 

Till next time.

Happy Reading.


And I Darken-Book Chat

And I Darken by Kiersten White was unlike anything I read. At least that was how I felt. It was frustratingly beautiful. Cruel to make us wait till next year for the sequel. 

This book is marketed to be like Game of Thrones. As I have not yet read or have actually watched to TV show ( pause so ya’ll can collectively *GASP*) I can’t compare it to Game of Thrones. 

We are given three main characters 

Lads~ Our cruel, fierce independent heroine. She wants to be treated equally and doesn’t think twice about killing you. She is described as lacking in beauty, but just her drive to rule in a man’s world is quite beautiful.

Radu~ He is our beautiful poet. Soft and kind hearted. Polar opposite of his older sister Lada. Radu struggles with loneliness and finding his place. He is very devoted to those he loves.

Mehmed~ He is the future Sultan of an empire that hold Lada and Radu captive. He loves Lada and Radu. And he loves his country. 

|My Thoughts|

Where do I begin? 

If your looking for a romance, this is not it. There is violence, betrayal. This book did a good job with the love/hate relationship of siblings. Informative looks into the two main religions in this book, Christianity and Islam. It shows ones acceptance and the others contempt for the cards they are dealt. Learning about love and knowing the difference between settling and really going after what you want. 

I was frustrated with some of Lada’s sharpness. Not that I didn’t admire her free-spirit. I did feel as she matured she started to round out those sharp edges. She is a leader and the hopeless romantic in me can’t help but want her to find her equal ( I know, I am a total mush #NoShame!) 

I am excited for the character development in all three of these characters in the next book. 

I gave this book a 5 star rating!

Have you read this book? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section! If you have this one your to-read list, go pick it up! 

Happy Reading


This Savage Song-Book Chat

Welcome back to my little slice of the Internet! I am super excited to share my feelings about yet another book. 

This is another library find as well as another book I wanted to purchase but had high hope as everyone is head over heels it seems for This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab. 

If I love something, I quickly give out the 5 star rating. This book was no exception. I really loved this book. It is very different from anything I have read, andI mean that in the best way. I liked the pace and never had a moment where I felt distracted or disconnected from the story. I love Kate and August our two main characters. 

I loved the chemistry between these two. No romantic scenes, (Not gonna lie; but I totally ship them) and the action scenes were great. 

It is a world where the world as we know it is gone and there is nothing left but humans and monsters. The world building was gorgeous. I loved the writing. Seriously: #Writer Goals

I honestly don’t want to spoil this book by saying to much. So I am going to keep this short and sweet. So go! Read this book and tell me your thoughts! 

I gave This Savage Song 5 stars! 

Happy Reading


•The Problem With Forever• Book Chat

So quick story Hon, I was walking through Barnes and Noble and this book caught my eye. I picked it up and looked it over and then I put back on the shelf and walked out with a different book. 

So then I go to the library and this book was sitting on the shelf so I decided to give it a chance. If it’s not my cup of tea, I return it and won’t pick it up again. If I like it I can go and purchase it. Easy. 

Well, I am so glad that I gave this book a chance, because I really enjoyed this book! I will also purchase this book when I get the chance too.

| My Thoughts |

The Problem With Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout made me curl up and cry. I cry over a lot of books but it is all about the delivery of the lines and the situations. This book honestly did me in. 

So we meet Mallory and Rider. They come from a horrific situation and we follow them as they try to come to terms that the past is the past and they have a future ahead of them. They learn that The past doesn’t define them. 

I wouldn’t call this an insta- love story. These two have loved each other a long time and they are separated for four years. Then they come back into each other’s lives. 

This book deals with some tough subjects and make sure you have tissues on hand. 

This book, I should also mention, is based in my state of Maryland (YAY!!) and is set in Baltimore City. Hey Hon! I have been to the city a few times ( I am a country girl by heart) but it was so cool to read a book with a place that I am little familiar with. 

I really loved this read and I give this book a 5 star rating in Goodreads.

Have you read this book? Or do you have a favorite book set in your state and/or city? Let me know in the comment section!

Happy Reading


The Dark Days Club- Book Chat

Welcome back to my little slice of the Internet! I am going to bring you another book chat. 

The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman. 

When I first say this book it was not long after it released and I was in love with the cover. I read the synopsis and it sounded like a book I would read, but I didn’t end up purchasing it until a couple of months later. The current me would like to ask past me this question: Why did you wait so long?!?!? 

This book is basically Pride and Prejudice meets demon hunters similar to Shadowhunters. I will explain in a moment but it was good! I loved it. 

I am not going to add spoilers in this post, but if you are interested in a spoiler review let me know. 

|My Thoughts|

Basically you go into this historical/dark fantasy in the regency era. The romantic time of balls and dresses and leisurely walks in the park. It was also a time where women hoped to find a marriage. We are then introduced to Lady Helen. Lady Helen is smart, beautiful and doesn’t desire to marry just anybody. Then she meets the handsome Lord Carlston who is wrapped in scandal. She is drawn to him and he tells her that she is meant for more then just balls and marriage. 

We meet other characters such as the Duke, her brother, her ladies maid, as well as her aunt and uncle. 

Now before I talk anymore about characters, let’s talk demon hunter. Much like how the Shadow Hunters are part of the clave or enclave (If you are in England)and have special weaponsand are part angel. There are also hundreds of Shadowhunters. In this book there are only 8 demon hunters and they make up The Dark Days Club. Their not part angel but are humans with the ability to handle battles with demons and can see them. The detail of Alison Goodman’s demon hunters are so well done. I loved the world she built inside of the one that really exsisted. 

There is a small love triangle, not in the way that is annoying or on a “here we go” way. More like she is torn between duty and I would say her heart. I love this mysterious Lord Carlston, I am hoping that we will have the chance to get to know him. I wasn’t a fan of the Duke. There is something about him that didn’t click with me. 

I loved this book! I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads. I recommend thIs book.

Have you read The Dark Days Club? Let me know your thoughts In the comment section!

Till next time


A Court Of Mist And Fury-Book Chat |Spoilers Included|

This book chat will be different because I have a ton to say and at some point I am going to add some  spoilers. I will warn you when you get to that part. If you like the spoilers added let me know and I will try to do more in depth book chats from now on!

I went all out for my reading experience, I made an essential oil blend to diffuse while I read. I found a sweet citrusy blend on Pinterest that consisted of 3 drops of Grapefruit 2 drops of Orange and 1 drop of Lime and 1 drop of Jasmine. It was perfect to have diffusing while your reading this book. Made me feel like I was at The Night Court. 😉

|My Non-Spoiler Thoughts|

So first off, my mind is blown. All the feelings I had with A Court Of Thorns and Roses went right out the window. I freakin loved book 2. Sometimes I find it hard to fall in love with second books in series but this one I had no problems. In fact I loved A Court Of Mist And Fury by Sarah J. Maas more. I got the same feeling as I did when I read Six Of Crows. I adored it. I had my frustrations of course.

I found myself loving the character development I saw in Feyre. I felt she became more of her own person in this book, and not the same girl we went in the woods in A Court Of Thorns And Roses. Which is good because she literally went through hell to save the one she loved. There was no way she was going to be the same.

My feelings for Tamlin and The Spring Court changed. Everything I thought I was for changed very quickly. I love books that do that. I made I total 180 turn in my thoughts as truth was revealed and my eyes were open to the things I was blind to in the first book.

I easily gave this book 5 Stars on Goodreads. I recommend this book, but as a warning for those who may not like adult content, there is adult content.

 I am now going to get into some spoilers so, if you have not read A Court Of Mist And Fury now is your chance to go and read it and then come back so we can actually chat about this book!










Okay, I am going to break my spoiler thoughts down by characters so that way it’s not too long. There is a lot more to the book then this, but these are just the thoughts that I really wanted to talk about.



So Feyre goes Under The Mountain as a fiery human girl with only love given her the strength to save the man she loves from the evil Amarantha. Is beaten, bruised , tortured made to do three trials. Spending months in what had to have been hell itself, dies and is brought back. She walks out from Under The Mountain as High Fae. So there was no way she was going to come out of that the same person.

I loved how there was focus on the fact she was suffering from PTSD. Having horrible nightmares, she felt guilt and she felt alone. The one person who should have tried to be more understanding, had made things worse.

I felt so bad for her, because I can’t imagine going through all of that, only to feel like your being imprisoned and abandoned.

I loved seeing her take her destiny into her own hands and make some hard choices. She looked at what her life was becoming and the way she was being treated and she said no. She wanted to get to know who she was now that she was high fae. She didn’t want to sit there and just do nothing. I loved seeing her become a strong independent female.



I’ll be honest. I was heart broken that Tamlin was so selfish and blind. She risks everything, and he did nothing to help her. All he did was lock her up and wouldn’t even acknowledge that 1. She was struggling. 2. She had powers and needed to actually learn how to use them. He was so controlling. now that I look back at A Court Of Thorns And Roses, I can see how he was always liked that. It is what I would have imagined if Belle had married Gaston.

Then because she realized that she wasn’t in love with him and knew she could never go back, he went to the enemy and used the situation to trap her. Ugh. I am not a fan of Tamlin. I can’t help but be so irritated with him.



I didn’t know what to think of Rhys at first. There moments while Under The Mountain that I thought he was a jerk. Only to find out that he knew Feyre was his mate the entire time. Everything he did was for his people, the city he gave everything to protect, and I fell in love with his dark, brooding character. He was complex and I just loved him. As he explains everything he has done, I was hooked. He didn’t force himself on Feyre, he didn’t lock her up, he let her be herself. He didn’t coddle her either. he made her learn to read and write, taught her to control the powers that she had. All the time never letting her know that he loved her till she was feeling the same.

My heart was crushed when I thought their bond was destroyed. Only to find that it was the bargain that was destroyed not the mate bond. He made her his equal before the mission because they both knew what may happen. He made her his Queen. Not his pet to keep in a box looking pretty. I also listened to Meghan Trainor’s Kindly Calm Me Down while I read the sweet moments between Feyre and Rhys.

I loved Cassian, Mor, Armen and Azriel. I just love how beautiful The Night Court is. Also can we also appreciate the fact that Rhys doesn’t have some earthy, woodsy scent like what seems to be what every YA male seems to smell like. He had citrusy scent and a hint of jasmine and I felt like I was transported right over to Velaris.

I am so looking forward to see Feyre make a come back on Tamlin in book 3. If you have read ACOMAF what were your thoughts?

Till Next time




A Court Of Thorns And Roses- Book Chat

Welcome back to my little home here on the Internet! Today we are going to do a non-spoiler chat on A Court Of Thorns And Roses by Sarah J. Maas! 

Can we talk about how gorgeous this book photographs? I will start of by saying this… Are you ready? 

I have not read The Throne Of Glass series.. I know… I’ll ya’ll time to let that sink in.

So this was my first time reading a Sarah J. Maas book and I was not disappointed. I am a huge Beauty and The Beast fan ( Did you all see the trailer?!?!) and this re-telling was what I have started calling the big girl Beauty and The Beast. We are not in Disney anymore!

I have not read anything fantasy wise that focuses on the Fae. So I didn’t know what to expect. 

|My Thoughts|

We meet Feyre ( pronounced Fay-ruh). She does what she can for her family and it was irritating to see how everyone relied solely on her and hardly pitched in. Nesta, Feyre’s older sister annoyed me the most. 

Feyre kills something and a beast who is named Tamlin comes to take her away as a replacement. There the two begin to fall for the other. Then of course there is a villain that is going to Squash their dreams. Tamlin is High Fae and is also a High Lord. Then Feyre has to save her love from the clutches of An evil “Queen”. 

I loved it. I loved the different character personalities. Tamlin is sweet and trying to court a stubborn human who is the key to breaking the curse he has been under. 

It does have some steamy scenes, to warn you. So if you don’t like that kind of content, this book you may want to sit out. 

I gave this book 5 stars on Goodreads and I am currently reading book two! And after I finished I may need to start The Throne Of Glass series. 

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts? Let me know!

Till next time