Dear Lisa

I have already posted a post on Instagram and Facebook and yet for some reason I feel like the words I typed out are not enough. So here I am typing out a blog post.

You had a light about you. You were loving, kind, and you poured yourself into others. I know you never knew how much you meant to people, and I know that you had no clue of the impact you had on others. You loved Jesus, your family, your church…and while I don’t blame you and I am not mad that God took you too soon, because I know that His plans are not mine. Even as I try to wrap my mind around it all, I keep hearing you telling me to be kind to myself. I know it will hurt for a bit, but goodness the things that you have taught me! I don’t know if I can begin to count or recount all of those things. You seemed to see the “Me” that God intended me to be when I couldn’t see it. The cards, the texts, the hugs….there is just so many things over the few years I have had the joy of calling you friend on earth. To be honest if I can put one word to the feeling I have in this moment it’s lonely. Walking into Church today was one of the hardest things I have done in my life, I stared at the missions office hoping that if it truely were a bad dream you’d walk through. I could barely get through the hymns this morning because all I could picture is you singing the same songs in eternity in the presence of our Savior. 

You poured so much into; not just myself, but to so many people. I promise to try to be brave. I hope you’ll understand that I simply don’t feel so brave right now. I will try to be the Pastor’s wife you saw me as.  

Today when I got home, I got into my comfy clothes and I grabbed the coloring book you gave me simply because you saw it and it made you think of me. I colored for a bit and thought of all the good times. I smiled because sending cards or seeing something like a coloring book for someone was something you did. You were a giving person, you never asked for anything in return. 

I thought of how on Friday night, I was putting on the dramatics with the storm and the electricity out. I was home alone and had brought out an extra oil lamp and when I ran out of fire wood, I went out in the whirling wind to bring some in and then felt the need to have coffee. So of course I found a way to make coffee and I laughed to myself because I felt like I was in Little House On The Prairie. I couldn’t wait to tell you because I knew you’d laugh and find it funny. 

No matter how many tears are shed or how much I wish you were here for longer, you are home now. How can I possibly wish you back after all the beauty you are seeing. You are in such a better place and in time I will start to understand that. 

I love you my friend, you have left footprints on my heart and for that I will be forever thankful. See you soon!

Frozen In Time

Would you like to know what I have on my handy flash drive? I am actually surprised I have been able to keep this secret for as long as I have. Mainly because I about exploded out of excitement when I found what I did. With any good secret there is always a story that goes with it. So I am just going to start of from the beginning and then you can join me in my excitement.

When my Uncle Ozzie and Aunt Diane passed away ( he passed January 2014 and she August 2014)there was the process of going through their things. My Uncle took not just a ton of videos, but a ton of pictures. I volunteered to sort through the pictures and video. When I sort, I mean sitting at my TV, at the laptop, going through disks and disks of pictures. I knew he had my Poppy’s WWII pictures and I started to look for them. I got very frustrated when I couldn’t find those pictures! I ended up popping a disk into my TV and didn’t just find those pictures but landed on the mother load of old family pictures! I was beyond excited to find these treasures. Blessed to have been able to put them on such a little device for me to have and pass on to my future babies… I will finally be able to have on of those old fashioned fireplace mantels filled with old pictures. I treat these like I’m Gollum and their the ring ( bonus points for you if you know what I am talking about!!) I want to share some with you. I have really gotten into looking into my family history and it’s been fun pointing faces with the names. With that said, I am going to be putting a watermark on the pictures I will be sharing and ask that you respect that these photos are not just mine but they belong to my family. Please don’t take any photo without my permission. Thank you!

Don’t you just love old photographs?! It is amazing to think that these are moments that are frozen forever. Makes me want to do better in taking pictures!
~ Brandy