Honey Cinnamon Butter

I don’t know about you but I love pretty much anything that has cinnamon in it. I love cinnamon! 

Through being a nanny, I have learned a few ways of making breakfast items in particular sweet without being so overly sweet. Especially when you are doing bagels or eggs and toast. A change from having cereal every morning. 

The best part about this super easy recipe is that it really is customizable to your taste. You can add more cinnamon and less honey, you can do equal parts, more honey less cinnamon.. you can also make enough just for a couple of slices of toast ( which then you add 3-5 TBS of butter instead of using a stick).


Take the stick of butter or if you are just making enough for a one time use and soften it for no more then 10 seconds in the microwave.

Taken a spoon and start to stir or mash down the butter. 

Add in cinnamon to taste. I like cinnamon so I tend to add about 2-3 tsp.

Stir it up until it incorporated in the butter pretty well.

Then add honey. I add about 1 tsp. 

Then serve. Store in a container and keep it refrigerated.

Super easy and kid approved. 

Cake Batter Dip

If your anything like me, you probably pin a ton of recipes on Pinterest. 

A couple of years ago when I first got married, I wanted to try at some point all the recipes that I have pinned. However, I still have a ton to try and this is one of the first ones I tried. 

I love cake batter and finding a way to eat it was a big deal to me. Not only that but everyone loves it! Cake Batter Dip is fun for girls nights in, a fun family treat, or eating it with your hubby while watching Duck Dynasty. 

Click Here to go to the site and see the actual website and Pin it! 

All you need is:

1 box of yellow cake mix

2 cups of low fat vanilla yogurt

1 and a half cups of cool whip ( I just used Wegmans brand)


Mix it all together and use graham crackers or animal crackers for dipping! 

If you make it let me know!

~ Brandy