I have been taking a lovely much needed break from writing/blogging. I could do the whole cliché reasons why I did so without warning but at the end of the day I did it and now I am back at it. I have done some redecorating and added some new graphics so I have not been completely absent, it has just been me trying to figure out what I will even blog about. I have quite a lot of interests so it really came down to me just trying to figure out what niche I want to belong with. The answer? None of them. So I have challenged myself to narrow down the topics that I personally enjoy reading and go from there. I am changing my blog schedule where my goal is to blog three times a week. I have more free time at them moment to do so, I am going to break down a little bit of what my plans are. Most of us like more then one thing, and I have found it a tad boring to focus on just one thing and trying to blog about it. I am going to be honest with you, The One topic route is not me, in my personal life I am all over the place with my interests that I want to keep this blog relatable. I want this to be a space where if your all over the place, this is your home as well as mine. This is the place for those of us that want to talk about our nerdy things such as movies, books and TV and also talk about life, what we are doing. Whether it be crafting, redoing a room in our house and talking about the things on our minds. I want to put out more of my writing on occasion as well. I want to talk about all the things that interest me without worrying if it is going to be on brand or anything like that. So welcome home weary free-spirits.

New Name, New Colors

I am a perfectionist. This at times makes me change things up until I feel like that I have reached my goal. Any Other Type A’s out there??

I was watching a chat on YouTube on blogging, and business and realized that there was a lot that I wanted to do. Yet, I just didn’t know where to start. So I took a mini break from posting to really focus on the colors and my name. I also tired to list what I wanted my blog to be about, and learn more about taking better pictures with my iphone… A lot of thought is going into this. So I want to talk about the two things that for myself took the longest and that would be the over all look and name.


I have quite a few favorite colors. I chose a dark form of lavender and a light blue. I am very drawn to lavender and Tiffany Blue items. So it made sense that my blog would follow suit. I am still perfecting the blue but for now I am willing to take my time.

The New Name:

When I made the big move from BlogSpot, I knew I was ready for a new season of blogging. That included changing my name. I wasn’t sure what I wanted so for the time being I had used my name. I really wanted to have a name that was me. I talked to Colin and my sister Michelle, both who are pretty good at coming up with titles. I am very quirky in personality. I like glitter but then I also love super heroes. My music tastes are just as quirky. So having “Quirky” in the title was a natural fit. Besides being quirky, my faith is very important to me. I also liked to inform people that I am not perfect but I am saved. So you may be wondering when the lightening bolt struck. Well I decided to download VSCOcam. I am NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER by any means, my sister in law Chloe is and takes gorgeous pictures. I downloaded it to learn to take better pictures. I like to learn skills and in different seasons I pick up new hobbies. This season I decided to learn to take better pictures. Anyway…. I had to pick a username and the first thing that popped in my head was Saved & Quirky. Then I realized that there was the name for my blog I have been looking for.

So that is a quick update on the changes that I have made! I will have a new post up later today!

~ Brandy