The Weekend In Photos 

This weekend was busy so there was no time for reading. However, I did take some pictures and I figured I would share my pictures with you all!

So before we get to the pictures, I want to say a few things. 

My thoughts and my prayers are for the Grimmie family and for those who lost loved ones early Sunday morning in Orlando. It breaks my heart that there are people in this world who are so hateful and took lives of innocent people. I pray that everyone would learn to love others instead of hating. 

One other thing before I share my photos: I will be taking the rest of the week off blogging to prepare to go away for the weekend which I am so excited about! 

Now, here are the pictures I took this weekend. 

I hope you all have a great week and weekend! 

Till my next post! 


4th of July

I am finally sharing my pictures from Independence Day! I hope you all who celebrated the holiday had a wonderful time with family and friends celebrating the freedom we have because of the brave! 


~ Brandy

My Weekend In Pictures

   Happy Monday! Is it really March 30th? Since it’s Monday I wanted to share with you something that I think would be fun to do on Monday’s. My weekend in pictures. So here we go!

Friday was date night! We went to Red Robin. I love going to Red Robin with Colin. I was also there on Sunday and got the same thing pictured above! I got the Whiskey River BBQ Chicken sandwich. So good!

Same day: I found this gem! Came with a poster, not bad for $8!!

I had to try the Birthday Cake Frappe from Starbucks! So sad it’s only limited edition, cause it was so yummy!!

I was sitting at my desk when I look over to see my sweet little Carmen looking at me. Ever since she saw the cat do it, she has been sitting, standing, and sleeping on top of the couch. I think she loves seeing everything that’s going on.

So there was my weekend! How was your weekend?

~ Brandy