Hello 28

Well, I am 28. Funny, I thought I would have something witty to say but it appears that I am simply thankful to have made it to 28. Some may not like looking at 30 approaching so quickly, but I have learned to embrace it. You see, having had a dear cousin pass away before she got to 28, you can’t help but be reminded that tomorrow isn’t promised and growing older should be embraced as there are families that would have loved to have seen their loved ones grow older. But this post isn’t suppose to be sad. it is suppose be joyful.

I am loving this stage of life that I am in. I am an adult who still likes to watch Sailor Moon, likes to reread Nancy Drew, and the occasional punk rock song as I am cleaning my house. I have house plants, wear floral robes and care more for my skin care then I do my makeup. I have also added learning to crochet to my list of artsy accomplishments.

I am still not a big shinny diamond kind of girl, and I love my simple wedding ring. It means something to me.

That is the thing about life though, it’s what keeps it interesting.. is all the little organic changes that happens as we get older. My brother like to tease me about getting old, but I love the fact that I have lived 28 years. I have experienced 28 years of joys, hardships, laughter and tears. Thank God more laughter then tears as evidenced by those laughter lines I slather eye cream on. It’s harder to lose weight but I don’t regret that donut at all.

I still have the desire to travel, and I have learned to fully embrace myself from the parts I am proud of to my flaws. This is who I am. I am complex and I am confident in who I am. I learned that over the course of time, not everyone is going to like you. Some people are going to take advantage of you, and then there are people who think they are protecting you. Even so be gracious. The world doesn’t need to know your accomplishments, it’s to busy pointing out all the wrongs. Be kind anyway. You are going to disagree, be classy not petty. Because when your classy about it, people listen to you, and know that even if you disagree they have a seat at your table anyway.

We worry to much about this, that and everything in between, we don’t live. So for my 28th year, I am going to live. Live my life to the fullest, have fun. Because I will only be this age once. I am going to embrace it fully. I am going to run with it. Okay, maybe not run because running is not for me. I am going to dance my way through and enjoy this life that I have been blessed with. I am going to do the things that make me happy and say no to the things that don’t.

So Happy birthday me, 28 is going to be a good year. I can tell.



Wanderlust Series: Future Travels


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

“Not all who wander are lost.” -J.R.R Tolkien

I would go as far as to say that travel is my love language. I love exploring new and old places. After every trip, I am like where to next? I try and write down a list of places that I would like to venture off to. Now, I may not be able to make it to every destination but I like to at least have some goals in mind so that way I can look at all of the things that I need to do to plan and then just pick one off of my list. Some are already planned out, and then there are others that are more of a bucket list

Travel Plans 2019:

1. Washington DC

Processed with VSCO with acg preset
Processed with VSCO with acg preset
This will be a return trip but in March I will be back in DC. I am so excited because this will be a trip with just Colin and I. Colin isn’t really one for cities but we are in for a fun time.

2. Harper’s Ferry & Anietam Battlefield:

Processed with VSCO with tk preset
Processed with VSCO with tk preset

My birthday trip this year will be the same as last year. Colin and I love going to battlefields. I am really looking forward to this trip because this is a favorite spot of ours.

3. Gettysburg:

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
If you have been around for awhile Gettysburg is one of those places that Colin and I visit on a daily basis so it really is no surprise that we will be making this a day trip.

4. Williamsburg:

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
This is another trip that is a regular yearly trip. It is not only yearly but it is one of our most anticipated trips. Mainly because this is a vacation not just a day trip.

5. New York City:

Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
Processed with VSCO with s2 preset
This is one of those trips that I hope to make this year. I love New York City and I always have fun plus the atmosphere of the city is just something that I really enjoy experiencing.

6. Jim Thorpe:

This cute town in PA has a lot of history and it is so cute. This will be an all new adventure that I am really, really looking forward to.

7. The Beach:

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
Not sure which beach yet, but last year I missed out on going. This year, I am definitely going.

8. Franklin:

Processed with VSCO with f1 preset
Processed with VSCO with f1 preset
Another repeat, but probably one of my favorite trips that I go on. It is one that I have made with family since Colin has to work. Seriously one of the cutest little towns and one day would love to move there someday.

So that is my list of travel hopes for this year. I am really looking forward to trying to blog more of my trips as well as include some of my favorite places that I like to go, do and eat. Where are some of your favorite places to travel to? Leave me a comment!



27 Things I Have Learned.

Hello and welcome to my little home here on the internet.

As of yesterday I turned 27. No, I don’t feel old. I don’t actually know how I feel about being in my late 20’s. So far it hasn’t been so bad. I went to New York City the day before my birthday and then for my actual birthday I went to Harpers Ferry and Antietam Battlefield. I had cupcakes and pizza… I turned 27 quietly and it was beautiful and this introvert rejoiced just spending time in cute little towns and learning some more history. 

I also stayed off the social media for the most part (I posted the pic above on Insta).

I believe we are always learning and so I am going to share 27 things I have learned. 

1. There is no better hiding place then the Bible.

2. Happy fat is a real thing and I am still trying to figure out how to lose some of it.

3. In times of distress, grieve, anger, sadness….. anxiety….we need to extend grace to ourselves. We need to be kind to our selves. Don’t wallow in it, but allow time to feel the feelings and then step back and don’t allow those things to rule over you. Don’t allow them to define you. 

4. As annoying as the word “Vibe” is it is so true though that your “ Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” if your a negative person you will attract negative people. Be positive! 

5. Beth Moore studies are always so pretty.

6. No matter your opinions; This Is Us makes me cry but I love it. I love the story, I love the characters.. I love it.

7. Life is short so tell the people you love in your life you love them. 

8. Always say Thank You to people who do nice things for you. 

9. Fireplaces are amazing. 

10. Staying in New York City overnight is not as noisy as I thought it would be. 

11.  I will most likely be the pastor’s wife who wears black nail polish and that is okay.

12. Jo Ann Fabrics coupons can be texted to you. Seriously get on bored!

13. A lot of people have opinions on Holy Yoga, but I enjoy it and I feel close to God while doing it. 

14. Pizza is good just not for your waist line. It betrays you.

15. No matter how many times I watch Anne of Green Gables, it is still my favorite movies.

16. Paper Mate colored pens are amazing for taking notes and underlining things in my Bible.

17. Pod casts are not as boring as I use to think. 

18. If you love something and enjoy something; such as going to the theatre, going to the movies, do it. Go! You’ll regret it. 

19. Travel. Whether it’s hopping a bus or plane, train… get in your car.. just go. See the things you want to see. 

20. Lifeway has a calming peace about the place. 

21. No one can ever prepare you for losing someone close. Don’t wallow or dwell in the land of If Only’s. Instead use that energy to remember the good times, the laughter. It will be hard for awhile, but in time, if you allow yourself, you will smile again when you think of that person.

22. Green Turtle has the best crab dip.. I’m kinda craving it now.

23. I still don’t like board games. 

24. Scrunchies are still amazing. Glad they are back.

25. Stevia is really REALLY sweet. Just me? Okay. Moving on…..

26. Vegan butter actually does taste like real butter.

27. I am wonderfully made in His image. From my looks, down to every little part of my personality He created. There is only one you. Be the best you, you can be. Love yourself, love others. Be the amazing you were created to be!

Thanks for reading my long list LOL. Till next time!


Big News Coming! 

For starters, I want to apologize for the serious lack of blog posts. There is some news that I will be sharing in a few days and I think you’ll understand the lack of blogging. It’s been hard not talking about it and for the record, I am not pregnant. So you can cross that off your list. 

I am excited for this new chapter in my life and I am looking forward to sharing the news with you! 🙂 

Till next time!


Hello 25

I am 25. Well actually, I turned 25 March 16th. So I decided that I will share 25 lessons I have learned. 

  1. Walk as though you have three suited men behind you. Walk in a room knowing that your beautiful, loved and meant to be respected. Your a queen, don’t let ANYONE treat you as anything less.
  2. Happy girls are the prettiest. Smile! There is more to life then the things that bring you down. 
  3. Sometimes loving someone means taking a step back. The people we love are human. People make mistakes and hurt us. Sometimes we have to step back and stand off to the side with the first aid kit to run in when it’s time. 
  4. Always be yourself. It doesn’t matter what everyone is doing be your unique you. 
  5. Kindred Spirits are jems in life. When you find your Diana or your Katie ( if your kindred is an Anne-girl too) hold them close and be there whenever they need you. Kindred spirits are a blessing!
  6. Laundry detergent matters. Trust me. Laundry detergent is meant to bubble, and your clothes need to actually smell clean!
  7. A good book is always to short. When love the characters, the story…it all just ends to soon.
  8. Don’t go to Wegmans after you had Pina Coladas. Just trust me on this.
  9. Apparently not everyone knows what a Wawa run is. I am so sorry!
  10. No matter how old you, your never to old for the magic of Harry Potter!  If you got your Pottermore results then let’s go to Hogwarts together!
  11. I am really a Jedi Shadowhunter Wizard.. I figured… 
  12. Barnes and Nobles will always smell amazing to me. Coffee and books… 
  13. Don’t put a price on good hair care. 
  14. Girls love hockey too. I will always watch hockey! 
  15. Sometimes Punk rock is nessesary. When you need, you need it.
  16. Just because I like to wear black doesn’t mean I am depressed.  I have quite the colorful imagination and I find that wearing black shoes those colors.
  17. Always be a lady. Keep it classy. Don’t stoop down to the level of those who refuse to be classy themselves.
  18. Your NEVER to old to have a dance party with Family Force 5. Crank it like chainsaw!!!!
  19. Phil Whickam’s voice gives me chills. A God given talent.
  20. Nothing beats an afternoon tea.   
  21. Don’t ever waste sunny days.  Life is to short to sulk.
  22. Better to write a crappy first draft then to never write it at all. Got a story? Write a first draft!
  23. Blogging is still one of my greatest adventures! I started my first blog at the age of 17. I have had a total of three blogs. It has been a lot of trial and error. But I am here and wouldn’t trade it for anything.
  24. You can never have to many mugs. I love having a wide variety of mugs to choose from.
  25. Always love others. Seems like this should be a given. But people have different opinions, can be rude, and nasty. Jesus called us to love anyway. 

So there you have it! I hope you all have a wonderful day! 


Collective Thoughts 

It is 5:30am and I am awake. Wide awake and sitting in front of the space heater. As soon as my eyes popped open and I saw the time I could not believe that I was up this early. Yet the opportunity to sit and blog uninterrupted and be able to do my devotional before the sun comes up is to much to pass up. So I wander to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, and going through the pictures from the walk I went on a couple days ago to be added to the blog. 

If you don’t live in Maryland, or you have never visited my lovely state. It is one of the most fickle states weather wise. We can go through four seasons in a week. Take this past week for example, we had snow last Friday and warm spring weather yesterday. We even had summer weather when I went for a walk and decided to take some pictures. 

Besides the fickle weather, we have some very pretty landscapes and old historic buildings. Which makes for wonderful photographs. I enjoy learning photography skills so that when I post pictures on my Instagram or here on the blog, that they do look nice. I called the picture above my “calander picture”. 

I prefer writing as a way to express myself creatively. Taking walks and taking pictures help the process. 

So I really want to challenge myself to try and write more short stories. I use to write short stories all the time. I am thinking of posting them here. I have ideas, just need to put them down on paper. 

In book related news: Lady Midnight is here!!!!!! I still have to go out and get my copy, but my birthday is Wednesday (Hello 25) and I want to get it around my birthday. 

I also just finished Fangirl by Raindow Rowell. I’ll post my review soon. But I loved it. I kind of can’t believe I didn’t read it till now. It has been sitting on my TBR for a few months now. 

Have I mentioned how extremely quiet it is 5 in the morning? I have ear buds in and just taping away…. Bliss. 

Lately I have been really soaking my soul in the lyrics of Trust In You by Lauren Daigle. I think with each season of life there are new challenges,but the fact that we need to trust in God fully, even when sometimes He doesn’t move the mountains or part the waters that we want Him to. It is hard to believe that sometimes His saying “No” is a good thing. I am always amazed when something better happens along and God’s hand is all over it. 

Sorry for the randomness of my post. Sometimes my life is a random collective of thoughts. Thanks for reading! 

Here’s to random thoughts!

~ Brandy

25 Bookish Facts About Me

I have missed blogging. Life has been crazy, and I haven’t had time to sit and write. I haven’t even had a ton of time to read either. Which sucks, cause last month I slayed my reading goal for the month of January. I will be lucky to get the two books done by the end of the month.

So quick book update is that I made a separate account on Instagram for my book obsession you can find me at “thereadinglass” if your interested! I like having a separate account for the bookstagram community and keep my regular instagram just for everyday life. Okay, moving on….

I saw YouTubers doing the 25 bookish facts about me tag and thought it looked interesting. I tag anyone who wants to do this tag, DO IT! Then let me know when you do so I can check it out! Here are my 25 bookish facts.

  1. I get book reccomendations mainly through YouTube and the blogging community. I like to follow people who have similar book tastes and see what their thoughts are for the book I am interested in.
  2. My first “book crush” was on Gilbert Blythe from Anne of Green Gables. Despite all the wonderful book boys I have come to love; Gilbert will always be my number 1.
  3. I either drink tea or coffee while reading. I don’t have a favorite for reading. It all comes down to the book I am reading and the mood I am in.
  4. I have never read Twilight. Even when all my friends were reading them and were begging me to join them, I did not. The story didn’t interest me and I don’t think it is fair to the book if I read it without having any interest. It’s not that I will never read Twilight, I just don’t have any interest at the moment.
  5. I like to listen to music while reading. I even make a set list of songs for a book that I think will go really well with the story and the characters.
  6. It was because of Outlander that I started digging into my family heritage. Turns out I am not just Irish but I have quite a bit of Scottish. I was even able to trace my ancestors to the Highlands. Hello Jamie!!
  7. I only threw a book once. I was really into the story and I loved the couple and then something terrible happened. I was so upset that I threw the book across the room ( OH the horror!!) and sat a cried my eyes out. I picked up the book made sure it was okay and continued reading. Haven’t read it again.
  8. I can read in the car. Most of the people I know can’t but I can.
  9. I watched all the Harry Potter movies before I read the books. I think it helped me separate the movies and books. The books are just wonderful!
  10. I took the Pottermor quiz and I am house Ravenclaw. I always knew I would be Ravenclaw and I am proud!
  11. I love Edgar Allan Poe.
  12. I am also a huge fan of Jane Austen. I have read 2 so far.
  13. I have a really old edition of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott that is in need to be replaced.
  14. I love the classic Nancy Drew books.
  15. I love pretty hardcover books for my self, but prefer to travel with a paperback.
  16. I change my lock screen or home screen to something related to the book I am currently reading.
  17. I like to have Lavender oil diffusing while I read to help me be calm and to focus on the story.
  18. My favorite smell is coffee and books, so going to a Barnes and Noble with a Starbucks is a small slice of heaven.
  19. I have not read the Fault in Our Stars because when I went to see the movie I cried buckets. I can only begin to imagine the emotional mayhem that would breakout if I read the book. The book will end up with tears and smeared ink.
  20. I cried more during the scenes with Jem and Will then the scenes with either of them with Tessa in Clockwork Princess. Love all three but Jem and Will… The feels!
  21. I prefer fiction over nonfiction.
  22. I am highly anticipating Crooked Kingdom the sequel to Six of Crows. I am more then ready to be with the crew again!
  23. My husband and I picked our baby girl name for when the time comes and it comes from a book or maybe I should say books 😉
  24. If I could, I would read ALL DAY. I also wouldn’t mind being able to write all day.
  25. I only follow a small handful of authors on social media. I like to be updated on books that I am waiting for.


So there are my 25 bookish facts. What Hogwarts house are you in? Let me know!

Till next time!





Vintage Tag Sale Shopping

Hello my friends! I hope are having a wonderful Sunday! I wanted to share with you my finds from this weekend!

I know I have talked about The Painted Mill before. Right within Main Street a new Vintage Tag sale was happening and I went in for the first time yesterday! 

It is called The Vintage Tin Can. Super cute! They had amazing vendors and excellent service! I was able to get a few items and I am so happy with my new treasures! 

  1. Picture Frame


I found this beautiful frame to put my great-great grandparents wedding picture in. I am going to take the next month or so and start looking for more to start framing those old family pictures! 

2. Tray


How cute is this little tray? I love the color and it is light.

3. Mason Jar


I got this lavender painted Mason Jar. It is a 1975-present but we all see those painted Mason jars on Pinterest. And while I can paint my own I love getting some from local business owners! Going to a Vintage Tag sale is a great way to not only to shop local, but if you feel like you don’t have creative bone in your body. I have purchased a painted 1965-1975 year mason jar that I use as a vase. 

I wanted to share how I set up my little tray. 

I put the tray on my coffee table and put the mason jar on top. The flowers are silk flowers that were a part of my wedding bouquet. I put my coasters next to the mason jar and they have the monogram “S” and on top of those is a mini cast iron caldron with a LED light inside. 

If you’re a vintage lover, what have been your favorite finds?

Happy Hunting!


Update: What’s Been Going On?

     I am so glad to be able to sit down and actually write this evening. I have my new candle from Bath and Body Works burning and I felt like today was a good day to update you on what’s going on with me since my last post. 
West Virginia:
   I have yet to really talk about my trip to visit my Aunt Koren in West Virginia. Let me first say, that I loved that small little town I was in! I fell head over heals being in the mountains and enjoying a slower paced life. I loved waking up and seeing the mountain and not having to use an inhaler was nice too. 😉 I have every intention of going up as soon as I can and taking my kids there someday. I am going to insert my pictures from the trip that I took with my phone here:

My view outside my Aunt’s front porch.

The Flea Market prt.1

The Flea Market prt.2

A cave, we saw while sight seeing

The pictures just don’t do this place justice!



Fort Seybert






The reenactment of the burning of Fort Seybert






This is from my last day. My Aunt Koren was leading a 1860’s Church service. I

My Aunt Koren and I.

Women’s Prayer Tea:
At church we did our first prayer tea praying for the women in our community. It was such a joy to spend my time with these wonderful women of God. I learn so much from these women. The food was great and I took some pictures of our fellowship hall decorated for our tea.

The table we used.

I brought some things from my home to use for the center piece.

I love small southern touches!

I brought these from my house. They are just so girly and fun!

The orange curtains are some that we had at the church. They were so pretty and fall like that we decided to keep them on the windows!

The table were we put the food.

Well, I am going to touch on this topic a little bit in this blog post, but I plan on doing a different post on this topic. This is going to be a new topic that will be floating around on my blog. If you remember when I started this blog, that’s what I started talking about was timing and I did two posts before I felt like expanding into other topics. I have come to this new chapter in my life and I’ll be honest, this is not going to become a TTC blog. I started this blog with that in mind, but the more that I have prayed about it the more that I have felt that I didn’t want this to become my entire blog. I know that there are women who struggle with infertility, at the same time I want to share my thoughts here and there on the topic. ever since I was little I have always wanted to be a mom. I still have that desire. at the same time I don’t want to stress myself over all the things that could go wrong. My general plan is to just let God bless us in His timing. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for that to happen sooner than later. However, I am feeling really content right now. Like I said , I do plan on doing a more in depth post on the topic, I am hoping in the next day or so, just to explain how I plan on touching this subject here on my blog.

I hope ya’ll are having a blessed evening!

~ Brandy

Been Gone Too Long!

     Well I did not expect to be away from the blog this long! It has been super busy between celebrating my first year of marriage, to being sick, to a whole list of things that happened all at once. We just had some rain so I figured that while the hubby is asleep and the cat is staying out of mischief, it was about time that I made myself a cup of tea and sat down and got back to blogging. This is going to be a collective blog post of everything that I have yet to blog about. It is just way easier. I can talk about everything from movie and books to a life update. This summer is going to be crazy, so I first off want to ask you to bare with me if my posts are far apart. I am going to try to write more, as well as take pictures.* I have been married a year!

For our anniversary, Colin and I took a day trip to Gettysburg, PA. That may not seem like the kind of trip other couples may like, but I love history, and drooling over old houses. We walked around and just spent the day just the two of us. It was so much fun! It was great just for the two of us to talk and enjoy being together. Our first year of marriage has included moving, grief, changing churches, and a whole lot of love. I think that with the different experiences that we have shared together it has made us closer together. No marriage is alike, and it is always going to look like someone has it better then you do.The truth however is that marriage is a perfect example of God’s love and patience that we are to give each other.

* I saw The Fault In Our Stars

Some are going to find this weird.. but… I actually enjoy going to the movies by myself. There is just something about a dark theater and no one talking to me while I am watching is enjoyable. I love being wrapped up in the plot. I watched this movie, and I am going to say that I really liked it. I cried. It did have some language, and it isn’t a movie to take the little ones to go see. It is very deep and you really do come away with a reminder of how short and unexpected life in this world is. I am not going to give any spoilers, but I will say this: I loved it, and when I came home I made sure to tell Colin that I loved him ( even though he was asleep when I got home).

* The Painted Mill

For the first time I went got the chance to go to The Painted Mill in Fallston to their monthly tag sale. I love vintage and crafting and diy projects. There were so many pieces that I wanted. The prices were amazing and I plan on going at the end of this month to see what I can find. I hope to document it this time so that you can join me in the fun. 🙂

That is pretty much all I have as far as updating goes. There has been a lot going on, between working and our busy schedules. I m going to try to blog more of my activities this summer. With that being said, I hope you have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend! Happy 4th!

~ Brandy