Part 2

Finally I am getting around to posting part 2 of the habits that I have been trying to add into my daily routine. Part two is more so directed to skin care and health. With that being said I wanted to make sure the products that I do share are the ones that I have been using all month and were products that I use. So without any more of my blabbering on, let’s chat!

Skin Care:

Now this is one topic that has been a struggle because for the last couple of years I have just hated my skin. It was dry, breaking out.. and I just felt so grossed out by it. No amount of makeup could really hide the problems and sometimes it just made things worse. So I have spent awhile trying to nail down a routine that works for me A routine that was simple and effective. I feel like I have finally nailed it down to what is working and I have seen a huge improvement in my skin. I am going to break this down by what I do in the morning and what I do in the evening. What is even better is that most of the products that I used are actually from the drugstore, Target and Walmart.


I only wash my face with a cleanser if I feel I need it. I found one of my problems was that I was over cleansing. So I have been using Aveeno Positively Radiant Brightening Cleanser as it is gentle on my skin. If I don’t need to really wash my face, I just rinse my face off. Then I use the Shea Moisture Peace Rose Oil Complex Sensitive Skin Rosewater Toner. I know that sounds like a mouthful but I love this stuff, it smells good and it feels so good on my skin. Both of these items I got at my local Walmart.

Now for what is probably my favorite part of my morning routine. I put on Pacifica Super Flower Rapid Response Face Oil Rose and Blue Tansy and then I use a jade roller. If you do not use a jade roller, I highly recommend it. You really need to read up on it yourself, but jade rolling is really good for massaging the face and drains the lymph nodes and helps with depuffing, relieves sinus pressure… just to name a few of the things that I have seen in myself so far. How I use it, is in the morning while I make my cup of coffee, I will stick the jade roller in in the freezer for a few minuets to get cold. Jade naturally is a cold stone anyway, but I have found that the extra chill has really helped with depuffing my face in the morning. Then after I rub the face oil in a little, I go in with the jade roller. If your interested to know more about jade rolling, I would be happy to do another blog post just dedicated to jade rolling.

That is literally all that I have been doing in the mornings.


Easily the most I do to my skin for skin care is in the evening. I wash, exfoliate, tone again, and moisturize, not to mention when I do a face mask 2 a week.

If I have had makeup on, I remove it with some makeup wipes that I found at Target… I think they are Up and Up brand. Then to remove the rest of my makeup that is left, I like to use Soap and Glory’s 3-1 Vitamin C Facial Wash. This stuff really gets the rest of my makeup off. I use an exfoliate by Burt’s Bees their Deep Pore Scrub. I use this 2-3 times a week depending. Then I go in with the same Aveeno cleanser listed above. Then if I am doing a face mask I will pop one on and wait a few minuets and hop in the shower to allow for the steam to open up my pore to allow all that good stuff into my skin. Then I spritz on the same toner and then I use Neutrogena Hydro Boost gel cream and we call it a night.

Now I can not go without talking about vitamins for a second. I started using Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides. I am going to do a whole post separate talking about collagen peptides because this is one of those things that has changed my skin but I really want to dedicate a whole post to it talking about the benefits and how I have seen a change in myself since using it. I also have been trying out Care/Of vitamins for a few supplements that I have been taking along with my multi-vitamins. I will do more posts on this topic as well later on, but taking care of our health is essential to taking care of ourselves on the outside. Making sure that our bodies have the nutrients that it needs.

What are some of your favorite products let me know in the comments!


Jamberry Review!

    I am really excited for this post! It is such an honor to do a review for my Insta-friend Elicia!

 I met Elicia on Instagram through the Friday Introductions hashtag. If you follow   Hayley Morgan from The Tiny Twig and Jess Connolly from on Instagram you know all about Friday Introductions. I have met some awesome bloggers from this hashtag.
  If you are not familiar with what Jamberry’s are let me give you brief description: Jamberry’s are non-toxic nail wraps that last for 2 weeks on finger nails and 6 weeks on toe nails.
Up until this review I had never used Jamberry until this past week. I love the Essie nail polish but I am pretty low maintenance when it comes to my mani’s. For the review, I cut one of the samples in half did my ring fingers with Jamberry and did the rest of my nails with my Essie nail polish. So I could see the comparison.*The Application:

So I was given two samples, Mad Mod and Sunday Brunch. I decided to go with Sunday Brunch and I decided to pair it with Essie nail polish in Tart Deco. There are two ways to heat the nail wraps with your blow dryer or with one of those cute and handy Jamberry heaters. I used my blow dryer, and it literally took less then a minuet to apply the wrap. It was enjoyable. It didn’t smell, it was easy. the longest part of my manicure was doing my nail polish. Seeing the difference in just the time it took to do the nail polish. Below is the pictures of both hands after I was done.

(Left hand)

(right hand)

Did I mention that you don’t have to worry about ugly nail jobs? I am horrible at painting with my left hand! Already I was hooked on these nail wraps! They were super easy and super cute!

*Living with Jamberry

These cute little Jamberry’s took a beating. 😉 I cleaned with them, I cooked, I did yoga, a soak in a hot bath, and from taking care of dogs and a cat. As well as doing praise books for church. It was interesting how even after a week my nail polish is cracked and well ugly. While the Jamberry’s still look amazing. Thankfully during my review Colin’s cousin Megan was having her Jamberry launch party on Facebook. I found it helpful to learn about the company and the product. I will now post my one week photos below.

(left hand)

(right hand)As you can see my Jamberry’s are still looking really good for being on for a week. I have also become a huge fan and ordered a couple of sheets from Megan. I highly recommend them to every woman and they have some really cute ones for little girls. Yet another reason for me to be tickled pink to have a girl first when the time comes! Thanks so much to Elicia for giving me the opportunity to do this review!

If you would like to know more and/or shop for your own Jamberry’s go over to Elicia’s website . 🙂 There are so many cute wraps to choose from!
~ Brandy

*disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this review are of my own. 🙂

My Yoga Experience

   Happy Sunday! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I felt like today would be a good time for me to finally talk about yoga. I have been wanting to write this post for a long time. I think it has been a matter of having the time to sit and really talk about it, as well as finding the words. I started doing yoga when I was about 18 ( I think??) and honestly I think the reason why I got scared off was because there were certain religious points used in yoga that didn’t line up with my Bible. Some may argue that I should really focus on the fitness part. But when you look at the meditation part of yoga, for myself personally, it’s easier to be a part of a yoga class that lines up with what you believe. I have done yoga at home off and on. Then I discovered Holy Yoga. I attended my first class and I was hooked. I love being able to meditate on scripture and worship, and be encouraged to do so.   Since making yoga a more regular part of my daily routine, my allergies and my asthma as well as my back pain are under control. It has encouraged me to have a healthier life style as well. My quiet times have been sweeter. It has been monumental in my journey to being still.

There is something rewarding about unrolling your mat and stretching. While I’m stretching I like to focus on the worship music that is playing and really think about the words. Praying the words and actively seeking God. I want to share with you the website for Holy Yoga here. For you to learn more about what Holy Yoga is all about. I think it is super important to take care of our bodies. Through eating well and being active. Yoga promotes good sleeping habits, and getting rid of those nasty toxins that are being hoarded in our bodies. We are living in a tech savvy world, and with the that comes the price on aching necks and fingers. As a blogger, I do spend a lot of time at the computer and on my phone. So taking the time to take care of  myself really helps keep blogging something I enjoy!

I know this is a short post, but I am so glad that I was able to share with you a little bit about yoga and why I love it. What about you? What are favorite forms of exercise?

~ Brandy

All About Hair: Product Thursday

It has been a few days since I have blogged. I have several posts in the works. It take a lot of time to type and post, especially when your life has been hectic. Since I have some down time today I am going to be putting out some posts, and may just schedule them to go out when I need to have posts up. I want to keep posting regularly.

As you can see from the title I am going talk about my hair. next to the color of my eyes, I get a lot of  compliments on my hair. I love the compliments, simply because it is so nice to know that people are noticing the hard work I put into taking care of my hair. I don’t use a ton of products, and I will briefly talk about my hair type.

I have a LOT of hair. It is not extremely thick, I have some natural volume as well. The main problem area is frizz…. It likes to frizz up. It also loves to be dyed. Weird I know, considering dying your hair is super bad. What I mean is that it takes the color I choose. So now that I described a little bit about my hair, I want to share with you some of my secrets.

  • Washing my hair: I do not wash my hair everyday. I wash it between every 2-3 days. This really sounds gross, but some shampoos, strip your hair natural oils, as well as water can be hard on you hair. Product buildup.. I also save money from having to buy shampoo and conditioner. On the day’s that I don’t wash my hair I use Dove’s dry shampoo to lift up the roots.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner: I LOVE Dove shampoo. I have tried many shampoos and conditioners. Yet I always come back to Dove. I use Dove with Argan Oil in it, that helps with any dry and frizzy hair.
  • Drying my hair: I allow my hair to air dry, unless I have to leave the house in like 30 minuets. Then I will let it hair dry for a little bit while I dress, or apply a bit of makeup on then blow dry it. when I blow dry I have been using Nexus heat protecting spray.
  • Hair products: I tend to not use any hair products. I may use a hair spray, again my favorite is Dove. I have other products that I may use for any hair styles I want to do, but for the most part I don’t use them.
  • Heating Tools: I again rarely use them. I use to straighten my hair all the time. But again it kills your hair. I love doing flat iron curls. However, I don’t use heating tools as much anymore.
  • Dying my hair: I do dye my hair. I do it myself, and not all the time.
  • I cut my own hair: I taught myself how to cut my hair, and I save money. This isn’t a real secret to gorgeous hair, but I may as well just say it.

This all I do. I really do not do anything special or different from what the next girl does. Except maybe the hair washing bit. Next week, I am going to do my skin care routine.

~ Brandy

A Snow Day: Product Thursdays

Happy Snow Day! If your like me, you are probably so sick and tired of hearing the word snow, seeing snow fall, just looking at pictures of snow makes me want to pack up and move where the snow won’t find me. Summer can not come fast enough. Mainly because I have made some plans for this summer. 🙂 Well I figured that sense I am snowed into my house, it would be good chance to blog about some products that I like to use year round, as well as in the winter months.

In the winter, I am prone to having dry skin. In the summer, I tend to swell. Which are two different extremes. So finding product that are great for all year round. Not only to save money, but I like to feel good about myself all year round. Whether I am dry or swelling up around my knuckles.

1. Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil Light by Josie Maran:

I discovered this gem on YouTube. All the beauty gurus on YouTube were talking about this product. I only discovered one person on Facebook who used this product and raved about it as well. So I went to my local Sephora and purchased the small bottle. When I started using this product, I instantly saw an improvement in my skin. I love this product. I took it on vacation with me, and it is a product that travels with me when I go away for an extended trip. I love how my skin soaks it in and adding it to my skin care routine made a difference. Even spending hours in the sun, I didn’t even deal with peeling skin because my skin was hydrated and using it beneath my sunscreen gave me the added summer glow that everybody wants. The only thing about this product is the price. However, I believe it is worth it. This little guy is almost out, so I am going to have to go grab another one!

I think that when you hear the word oil, it scares people. However, beauty oils, is something that everyone needs to get into. Oil is needed in our skin. I think that we all freak out about the word oil and not even realize that we tend to stripe of skins of it. In other words, oil isn’t a bad word. Here is a link about the product above for some more information.

2. Purity one-step facial cleanser by Philosophy:

I have tried so many different facial cleansers, and was not satisfied. This is another YouTube find. I saw Jaclyn Hill talk about this product ( she has also talked about Josie Maran products, including the one mentioned above!) Once I tried this product, it has become my favorite facial cleanser and I am not going back. For starters pairing this with the Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil makes for the makings of a great skin care routine. I love feeling like my skin is clean. After wiping off my makeup and going in and cleaning my face with this product, I feel like it is deep cleaning my skin. Now to go find a fantastic mask to go with it and I will be set! 😉

So I posted about two products today, and next week I am going to post about lotions that I am currently in love with as well.

Now on my wish-list, Lush products. It seems like everybody has been on YouTube talking about Lush, and people are blogging about it. I want to know what the big deal is. I am making a list of products that I want to try. If you have any products that you would like my opinion on leave me a comment below. I will try and get to each product, ( if I haven’t already tried it).

If you are snowed in like I am, stay warm!! If you are in a state blessed without snow, have a wonderful evening!! Till tomorrow Gorgeous!

~ Brandy

Planning and Shopping??

So I am back in planner mode. I am in the mood to read informative books, fill my head with ideas and knowledge. Does anybody else do this? get these urges to open up a big book and learn. One of the topics that has been floating in my head at the moment is health care. Right now, my husband’s job would cover him and would be to expensive for me. Maybe it’s just me, but I saw us being on the same health insurance, so that we are all covered and when kids come along, then add them on. I never thought that I would need to find a completely different health insurance for me and our future babies. Well I filled out a job application and I am praying that I get this job, because it will offer health benefits.

When I was looking into health care and asked advice on the subject. I never even thought about future pregnancies. Making sure that I get the right doctor, or if I want to use a midwife. Picking out hospitals.. It may seem premature to think about this. But it really isn’t. I have no clue what I want. Now I am not talking about having a birth plan. I am talking about prenatal care in general. I have done research on how many chemicals are in diapers, breast feeding, baby led feeding. But let’s be honest for a second, prenatal care is about making sure I am healthy and the baby is healthy. Way ‘m not saying that is more important then what type of diaper to use. I mean, it’s not like I have to decide now. But it is something to think about.

I am in the mood to go shopping. I don’t get bit by the shopping bug all the time, but when I do….Well let’s just say that it’s intense. In particular, I want to got to Sephora. Any body who knows me, knows how much I love Sephora. The people are nice, fantastic  skin care products, pigmented eye shadow pallets and lipsticks. I have made a list of products that I want to try, and some that I have already tried and loved. I am hoping to get around to sharing my reviews soon! I am also 1 point away from getting my first reward with my Beauty Insider card! Excitement!

~ Brandy

No-Poo Challenge

I am going to try the no-poo challenge. Basically what it is, is me washing my hair with baking soda. Thankfully my scalp isn’t sensitive. I have been adding baking soda to my shampoo. I have noticed a huge difference in my hair since I started. I am actually very excited to see the results of this challenge. I will be doing this for a month. I think it is going to be difficult only because I am so use to reaching my Dove shampoo. However, I am comited to improving the over all look  of my hair. I will be posting weekly updates on the results. That will include a photo, and my thoughts and feelings on the challenge. If you have ever tried the no-poo challenge, what did you think of it? Let me know if the comments below!

Here is a before picture:


Here’s to having better looking hair!