I have been taking a lovely much needed break from writing/blogging. I could do the whole cliché reasons why I did so without warning but at the end of the day I did it and now I am back at it. I have done some redecorating and added some new graphics so I have not been completely absent, it has just been me trying to figure out what I will even blog about. I have quite a lot of interests so it really came down to me just trying to figure out what niche I want to belong with. The answer? None of them. So I have challenged myself to narrow down the topics that I personally enjoy reading and go from there. I am changing my blog schedule where my goal is to blog three times a week. I have more free time at them moment to do so, I am going to break down a little bit of what my plans are. Most of us like more then one thing, and I have found it a tad boring to focus on just one thing and trying to blog about it. I am going to be honest with you, The One topic route is not me, in my personal life I am all over the place with my interests that I want to keep this blog relatable. I want this to be a space where if your all over the place, this is your home as well as mine. This is the place for those of us that want to talk about our nerdy things such as movies, books and TV and also talk about life, what we are doing. Whether it be crafting, redoing a room in our house and talking about the things on our minds. I want to put out more of my writing on occasion as well. I want to talk about all the things that interest me without worrying if it is going to be on brand or anything like that. So welcome home weary free-spirits.

Water The Flowers



Life has been a tad crazy to be honest with you. Trying to write a blog post has been a little bit of challenge. All because of time. Not enough hours in the day, no inspiration… it tends to drag.

There is so much going on, and eventually I will tell all. It’s kind of like a puzzle, one day it looks like everything is together, and then other days it looks like everything is falling apart. Sounds depressing, I know, but hang with me a sec.

One of the things that I think makes life beautiful and unique is the different stories. We are all walking stories and they can be similar in some ways but they are different to each of us. Which is beautiful. I happen to be in a rainy season right now. I have planted a lot flowers and now we have to wait for them to bloom. That is where it is hard waiting. Waiting for all the good things to come from it. I think the biggest mistake is that when the rain comes we tend to get depressed and wish it would stop. However, when you plant flowers you have to water it. So rainy seasons are simply just watering your flowers. It doesn’t have to be a horrible thing.

Seasons of life are natural and they are necessary. It helps us learn and grow. Life is full of lessons. The good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven

There is more to the passage that is worth reading, but we have different seasons for a reason. To learn from them, to grow.

The rainy season is not an end but the beginning of something new. It is all the life lessons we have learned being watered and growing to become apart of ourselves. To be transparent with you, I have been struggling with this concept. Simply because I like to go through the what if I did this or that. It’s hard to see the good in the seasons that are not the ones we are looking forward to. That’s the point is it not? If everything happened exactly the way we wanted them too then we wouldn’t need a Savior. Someone to champion for us during the rough times. The times where you feel like you are drowning and have no where to go. We flail about our arms about and we try and make sense of the things that don’t always make sense. It makes us feel hopeless and that is why we don’t look at those seasons of rain with contempt. We didn’t choose this, we didn’t ask for it so why do we have to deal with it? Questions I have asked myself so many times. I wish I had the answer as to why bad things happen, but I do know that I don’t have to go through this stuff alone. That is the part we tend to forget. That we are not the first or last person to deal with the stuff we go through. We would be surprise looking around us, how many people have or are dealing with the same things that we are.

So don’t stress when the rain comes, because at the end, we will see something beautiful will have popped up. Just be patient.


Habits To Bring Into 2019

Happy New Year! I can not believe that it is 2019. With that being said however, it does seem that everyone is ready for a new year. If you have read my post on Monday about how I picked the word purpose for the year 2019. With the goal in mind to live 2019 intentionally. You can read Monday’s post here My Word For The New Year.

To kick off the new year, I am going to start some new habits and start some routines. They say it takes about 30 days to form a new habit. So I already got a jump start on the two that I am starting now. I am going to break this down into two posts so that way we can focus on each thing. Habits and routines are good for the three main areas of our lives:

  1. Spiritually
  2. Physically
  3. Mentally

Habit one that I am going to be getting into today cover Spiritual and Mental health. Journaling.

These are the two main journals that I am working through this year. I will link the two here and where you can find them. So let’s chat about journaling.

I have been using journals off and on since I was 12. I will be 28 this year in March so I will let you wonderful people do the math. I have always loved using my words on paper to communicate and sort through my feelings. Journaling is a safe place.

The journal on the left is a journal from a set of three from the Hearth and Hand With Magnolia collection at Target. I got them for Christmas from Colin (my husband) and I have already started using Volume 1. They are numbered in volumes and they are so pretty. You can find them here Hearth and Hand Hardcover Journals.

I have been using this journal at the end of the day. I make a hot tea, light a candle, pick out a pretty pen and put on some relaxing music and journal until I feel relaxed and ready to start the part of my night routine where I am about to turn in for the night. It has been come one of my favorite parts of my evening. Bonus, I also sleep so much better because I don’t have so much going on in the way of running thoughts.

For the journal on the right…

This is a prayer journal. I started it on the 1st. I had it preordered and I believe it had come in October… I think.. anyway I love how it is broken down into sections. Plus it has space for verses your memorizing for the month, and blank slots to really customize your monthly prayer list. Plus, how pretty is this Dust Rose color? I am still hoping they will do a Eggplant Purple one year! You can find this journal for the new year 2019 Yearly Prayer Journal.

So I have been using this in the morning, with my cup of coffee and right before I start reading my Bible. I find that taking some time to pray before I read helps me to focus on what I am reading. Before I committed to getting the yearly one, I tried out the 6 month prayer journal. I will link it here 6 month compose prayer journal.

I will show you what mine looked like last year:

Processed with VSCO with s3 preset
I love how each year the journals are different!!!!

They are pretty and I just love these journals! it makes my prayer time feel more intentional.

So there is part one of habits I am putting into the practice in the new year. For those of you who journal, I am doing monthly journaling prompts. I have the one I am using for January pinned on Pinterest here.

That way you can join me! What are some habits that you are trying to make happen in the new year?


Hello My Name Is Brandy

Well hello and welcome to my little home on the internet. I know, I know it has been awhile since my last post. To be honest, I haven’t felt like blogging. I was super uninspired and no matter how many times I would attempt to write, nothing would come. I have had an interesting year, if you have read any of my previous posts, you probably gathered that. I do hope however, that you read this post. I have spent the past few months on a journey. As ridiculous and so cliché as this is going to sound, I have been reacquainting myself with me. Somewhere along the line, I felt like I lost myself. I felt like all the pieces were coming undone and I couldn’t stop it. My anxiety has been bad…. I have just been one hot mess. I failed myself.

I think we think way too much about what others think or what people would say. I was super content, even if it made me miserable, to fit into a box that others have put me in. All because I was afraid to be myself. I was embarrassed because I didn’t view things the way everyone else did. I am a very creative, imaginative person. So I view things from all kinds of angles and I like to see things half full instead of half empty. I believe everyone moves into different chapters in their lives and it is the way it is suppose to be because God wills it so. I see no point in being jealous over any season that someone else finds themselves in. All in due time.

I remember middle school and being bullied. The moment someone tells you what they think or calls you names you start to question your worth and your identity. My identity crisis began as early as 10 at a VBS. High school, the goody good label floated around, all in all being a goody good isn’t all together bad. I just didn’t believe that I was good. I suffered from anxiety and depression, I felt because I was Saved and I trusted Jesus that I would never have to deal with those things. I felt ashamed that I suffered from these things so I suffered in silence as the world around me saw me as this pink loving bubbly girl. It was a front to cover up the fact that I was drowning in the lies I believed myself. I gave the people what I thought they wanted. It led me into a relationship that ended up doing even more damage. I thought because we both used music as an outlet that we would ride off towards the sunset and make music or something. Before I knew it, I was feeling like I wasn’t good enough, because I think truly to him, I wasn’t. It is always a crushing blow to find out the person you have loved, imagined and planned a life with and around, clearly didn’t see it that way. My first real taste in heartbreak. It was easier to allow for the thoughts of unworthiness to be a broken record, because to change it meant getting up and changing the record and facing the ugly broken parts of yourself.

Sexual harassment/assault has a way of changing you as well. The moment someone take liberties whether through rape, or what seems as harmless as someone pulling your bra, has a way of making you feel like an object. I already had enough going on without having someone who felt the need to pull the back of my bra in the workplace and then say “Hi”. So not only did I have all the labels that I believed in myself but tack on feeling like an object.. No one should be made to feel like an object. I had a few people tell me that I was being dramatic and that I was overreacting because it was “just my bra”. True it was. However my feelings and my emotions were real. I felt traumatized because I never thought something like that would have ever happen to me. Yes, I moved on but I still remember the details of that moment.

So all this time, I have believed I was this messed up girl. All this time I believed that I was unworthy, not good enough… I felt like I couldn’t be myself because I never really allowed myself to come into my own fully. Because what if it’s not what people think I should be? All the assumptions that people make about my character is just that, assumptions. In trying to keep the peace, in trying to cover the brokenness, I never quite allowed myself to get to know myself. Here is the thing, God, Himself created me. He created me from my outer appearance to every little personality quirk (Psalm 139:13-14). He knew every part of my story, even the parts I have yet to reach. So here I am. I love to write stories and lyrics, I love to sing and listen to music. I love to read and watch tv shows. I love boho style clothes and I prefer the color purple over pink. I like to wear black and paint my nails dark colors. I have lost friends and gained new ones. I would love to be a mom someday but I am content with where I am in my life right now. I love to travel and see places new and old. I love to camp and have bonfires. I have loved and been loved. My trails and hard times are simply parts of the story, and don’t define the outcome. I love my small wedding ring more then any other piece of jewelry I own, because it reflects who I am. I am a daughter, wife, granddaughter, niece, cousin, sister, friend and I take those roles very seriously. I like to be creative and I want to tap more into that side of me. This is who I am. Not what others have said or made me feel. Not what I allowed myself to believe. I am who God created me to be and that is enough for me. I don’t need to impress anyone or be anything other then that. Neither do you. Be yourself. Be who you were created to be. Don’t be the person other people created because I can tell you this, they don’t know you like The One who created you to begin with. Trust that He knew what He was doing putting you on this earth, because He put you here for a reason. To do amazing things in His name.



I had decided to take a break from blogging last week to figure out some blog details. It sounds dramatic, but as I grow as a blogger there are times where I really need to just step back and take a look at what I am posting, what I enjoy posting, and how I want to approach future posts. That’s the beautiful part of being on this journey is that I have never put myself in a box, because I was never really sure where my niche in the blogging community was. As I started figuring it out, I start pulling the wide net I casted in. So I took a break from posting, and I sat down and actually thought about this blog and made decisions as a blogger. I thought about the posts that I enjoyed posting and the people I have enjoyed meeting, and would love to meet in the future. I love the book community. I love posting my thoughts on the books I have read, and doing tags and writing my own material. So I decided to make it official, hello book community!

So may notice that yes I changed my name. I changed the template a week or so ago. The name is the same name as my Instagram, which is a nod to not only my love of books but a nod to my Scot-Irish heritage. My book club on Goodreads is staying the same.

I have some other ideas that I would love to do as well but one step at a time. So I am going to keep this blog post short so that I can get on to writing my next book review! 🙂

I will see you in my next post!


New Name, New Colors

I am a perfectionist. This at times makes me change things up until I feel like that I have reached my goal. Any Other Type A’s out there??

I was watching a chat on YouTube on blogging, and business and realized that there was a lot that I wanted to do. Yet, I just didn’t know where to start. So I took a mini break from posting to really focus on the colors and my name. I also tired to list what I wanted my blog to be about, and learn more about taking better pictures with my iphone… A lot of thought is going into this. So I want to talk about the two things that for myself took the longest and that would be the over all look and name.


I have quite a few favorite colors. I chose a dark form of lavender and a light blue. I am very drawn to lavender and Tiffany Blue items. So it made sense that my blog would follow suit. I am still perfecting the blue but for now I am willing to take my time.

The New Name:

When I made the big move from BlogSpot, I knew I was ready for a new season of blogging. That included changing my name. I wasn’t sure what I wanted so for the time being I had used my name. I really wanted to have a name that was me. I talked to Colin and my sister Michelle, both who are pretty good at coming up with titles. I am very quirky in personality. I like glitter but then I also love super heroes. My music tastes are just as quirky. So having “Quirky” in the title was a natural fit. Besides being quirky, my faith is very important to me. I also liked to inform people that I am not perfect but I am saved. So you may be wondering when the lightening bolt struck. Well I decided to download VSCOcam. I am NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER by any means, my sister in law Chloe is and takes gorgeous pictures. I downloaded it to learn to take better pictures. I like to learn skills and in different seasons I pick up new hobbies. This season I decided to learn to take better pictures. Anyway…. I had to pick a username and the first thing that popped in my head was Saved & Quirky. Then I realized that there was the name for my blog I have been looking for.

So that is a quick update on the changes that I have made! I will have a new post up later today!

~ Brandy


I have doing a study on the book of Ruth the past few weeks. It has been an amazing study by Kelly Minter and in the season of my life I have been in. I found the study through a wonderful blogger Lisa Elle of Lily Among Thorns  ( Go check out her blog!!) So for my birthday I got the study and the Lord has done some amazing things through this study. I am officially half way through. I have learned a lot and doing this study and leading a study by Priscilla Shirer, the two have really gone hand in hand. I am so excited to see where God is going to do within my heart!

Choosing to be a full time blogger, has to have been one decision that was hard.

1. It is not always easy to come up with your post.
2. Life tends to be crazy every time I sit down to blog.

Yet the Lord has been pushing deeper into this blogging world and pushing to do this for Him. I realize that it is okay to go a few days without a blog post. Life is going to be crazy. I am going to working hard to be a bit more regular in blogging! I have a lot of things that I want to be blogging, and sharing. I am praying that the Lord will open the doors of my heart. With that being said, I did add a bunch of ways that you can stay in touch and follow me. I will be adding Facebook to the list but for right now it will be Instagram and Pinterest.

Sorry for the short post! I will be posting again soon!

~ Brandy

Change is a Good Thing

I know that typically on Thursdays I do product reviews. I will doing my product reviews on Fridays instead. On Thursdays I am going to be sharing with you what is in my heart. When I sit down with a cup of coffee and sit and type, sip my coffee, type… you get the picture. For the past couple of weeks I have felt like something has been just missing. Then in my quiet times with the Lord it hit me. I love fashion, and makeup, cooking… My blog is really going to be going up the next level for me. This is a personal challenge, and I am very excited about this. The Lord has been pushing my heart in this direction. Grooming me, preparing me, teaching me. Now I am ready to take this step. It means an intense blogging schedule for me, it means that a lot more planning will be involved in each blog post. This would be a personal challenge for me. A blog post everyday. Each day will be different. It is time for me to get out of my comfort zone, and really take my blog where I have dreamed of taking it. I will release what my plans are for each day tomorrow.  Everything is still in the planning process, and my heart is bursting with joy! The look of my blog for right now is going to stay. After all I really just changed it! But I will be adding to my blog. including favorite blogs, websites. I already have a Good Morning Girls logo on the side here ( seriously, go check them out!!!!) Eventually I will be changing even the layout of my blog….. who knows I may just get that under way today. 😉 Please pray for me as I am going through this huge change in my blogging life! I am excited to see where the Lord takes me on this journey, and I love having my reader friends join me on this journey!

~ Brandy