December Favorites

It has been forever I have done a favorites post. So I figured now was a good of time as any to post the things I have been obsessed with this month! I haven’t really read anything lately so there are no books in this post. Which I am surprised because I normally read a lot. I am about to start reading a book so I will include that. This month I have been really listening to more music then anything.

  1. Music

It has been a musical month. I have been listening to more music this month. Not complaining because I love music. So here is what I have been listening to on repeat.

(1) Fleetwood Mac- One of the few bands that my husband and I both really like. In March we are going to see them live. I love their easy listening sound. Some of the songs I have had on repeat are: Dreams, Landslide, As Long As You Follow, Little Lies, The Chain

(2) Queen- I have always been a fan of Queen and the movie Bohemian Rhapsody was so good, that I have been listening to some of my all time favorites. Some of the songs on repeat are: Another One Bites The Dust, We Are The Champions, Radio Ga Ga

(3) The Mamas & The Papas- California Dreamin’ has been a song that has been a favorite of mine for awhile, but I have been listening to it while staying warm!

(4) Fleurie- I love her voice and lyrics are gorgeous. I have been loving: Paralyzed, Hurricane and Summer Girl.

2. TV Shows

I have been watching a lot of TV lately as well. I post more of my fangirling about TV on Twitter. Some of the TV shows that I have been watching and loving are:

(1) Riverdale- Yep. If you follow me on Twitter you already know this, but I do love Riverdale. Waiting till January is going to be rough. I am not to sure about how I feel about the weird twist this season is bringing, I am on board so far. I am hoping to eventually see Betty and Archie become an item, not because I don’t like Veronica or Jughead…. because I do, and I don’t hate the coupling of them with Betty and Archie…but come on…. Betty and Archie are adorable. The end. 

(2) Sailor Moon- Talk about flash backs to the good ole’ days! I had no idea that Sailor moon was on Hulu… If I did… I would have gotten it sooner… 

(3)Gilmore Girls- I always watch Gilmore Girls.. but come on.. I have to add it!

3. Books

I am currently not reading anything, nor have I read anything this month. I am going to get ready to read Kiss Me In New York by Catherine Rider. It is a short book (189 pages) and it looks cute. With all the holiday prep this week, it is something I can read in between all of the hustle and bustle of getting ready for Christmas!

4. Beauty

There are a couple a beauty items that I have been enjoying. Ironically none of it has been makeup this month. It has been skin care and hair kind of month.

(1) Pantene Pro-V Blends Micellar Shampoo and Conditioner- I picked these guys up because I needed more shampoo and conditioner. I really wanted to try something different so I gave these guys a try…boy do I love them!  They smell soooo good! Very clean, and because I use a purple shampoo to help eliminate some of my brassy tones, it doesn’t make my hair feeling dry and dull. I love it!

(2) Pacifica Super Flower rapid Response Face Oil in Rose and Blue Tansey- I love using a face oil in the morning. I try and keep my morning skincare light as I do a lot in the evening. I love this stuff, and I am starting to see an improvement in my skin!

So those are a few of my favorite things! Tell me some of your favorite things!






Latest Favorites

*Photo above ^ Prince St. Café in Lancaster City, Lancaster PA is one of my new favorite coffee shops!

Hello and welcome to my little home here on the internet!

I don’t know about you but sometimes I find myself grabbing more then one coffee. Today, I am on cup #2…who knows if cup three is on the horizon! I have realized it has been a long time since I have done a favorites blog post. A really, really long time. So today we are changing that. I am going to break it down into sections and top 3 if I have 3. I am also going to include links to the online stores and Instagram pages. So lets get started:

  • Worship Music:

Worship music is such an important part of my life and the 3 listed below are the 3 I have been listening to on repeat. 


  • Books I am Currently Reading:

I am currently going through two books, and one of my goals for this year was to read more non-fiction. So I am going through a devotional and reading through another book. I highly recommend both so far. I hope to do reviews of both once I have finished them.

100 Days To Brave by Annie F. Downs

Through The Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot


  • Bible and Prayer Essentials: 

This 6 month prayer journal by Val Marie Paper is seriously one of my top favorites right now! I love using it and keeping my prayer lists in order. Val Marie Paper <——click here to get one of your own! If you do let me know what color you got!

These gel Bible Highlighters by The Daily Grace Co are a must have if you highlight in your Bible. Super cute and they don’t bleed through the pages. You can buy them at The Daily Grace Co


  • Favorite Instagram Pages: 

Instagram is at the moment my favorite social media site. I feel I have more control over what pages show up in my newsfeed, and I think that it is super important to surround yourself with uplifting, positive pages. So while I have made my other lists at most 3, I am going to share my top 5 favorite women that I follow on Instagram. These women are Godly, inspiring, and their pages are super adorable as well!

  1. Jordan Dooley
  2. Brittany Ball
  3. Audrey Roloff
  4. She The Roar
  5. Cambria Joy


So these are just a few of my favorite things. Let me know some of your favorite Instagramers donw in the comments!



Google Chromecast Review + Favorites

May The Fourth Be With You!!

Sorry! I had too! I couldn’t resist the force…. sorry again.

Anyway now that I got that out of my system, I want to talk to you about my new favorite toy. In my marriage, I am the one who likes the tech stuff. The hubby appreciates technology but I am the one who really is into it. I like hooking things up. All that being said, I am going to tell you my unsponsored, completely honest opinion on the Google Chromecast. I am not being paid for anything that I am going to say. I just want to share my thoughts for anyone who is interested.

I personally love my Google Chromecast. I watch a lot of YouTube and Netflix and to just press a button on my phone or tablet is actually really ,really nice. While I do also have cable, most of my favorite shows are on Netflix at the moment and I pretty much watch it all the time. But it’s not good for any of us to be holding a device all the time. It is affordable as well.IMG_2629

So that is what it looks like. it does work on both of my TV’s which is great. The only glitch that I have experienced has been with my internet connection. Because my living space is in a basement, the internet isn’t always the best. other then internet frustrations I have no complaints! It was worth buying.

I figured that since I was going talk a little about my new toy. That I would share my other favorites with you from this past week. I love doing favorites posts. I have a few in the works that I can not wait to share! So let’s jump in!

1.) Movies

I am going to go back into my nerd mode for a second and say that I went to see The Avengers 2 Age of Ultron. Like with any Hollywood movie, there were some die hard comic fans that were not really big fans of the movie. I love me some super Heroes and I was not disappointed in this movie. I do plan to read the comic the movie is suppose to be based on. So that I can understand what the actual differences are. It has been a little while since I have actually read a comic. I am excited to see my favorite Superheroes coming to life on the big screen. I have my favs when it comes to DC and Marvel. Some of you may throw some rocks at me, but I do think it would be cool if they took The Avengers and The Justice League and made a huge team to fight some of our favorite bad guys. If this has already happened and I have seriously been under a rock this entire time please break it to me gently!

2.) TV Shows

I actually have a couple that I have been really into right now.

  • Once Upon A Time:

Oh my word! This show always has me at the edge of my seat, and they are always surprising me with something else. I have watched this since season 1 and I am still loving it.

  • Sons of Anarchy

Now you may be surprised that I am really into this show. Then again you probably shouldn’t be. My dad is a biker, I have cousins that are bikers. While they are not outlaws, there is something about Harley’s. leather, and the sound of motorcycles that I just love. I love riding on motorcycles, if you have never been on one, you don’t know the thrill in which I am speaking of. So I have been really into this show.

3.) My Erin Condren Planner

I am not going to talk to much about it, because I am going to do a separate post just about my planner. However, I’M IN LOVE, with my planner.

So that is a few of my favorites. I have a couple more favorite posts that will be separate. Let me know what your favorite TV show is?

~ Brandy

A Few Of My Favorite Things… Spring Edition!

  I want to share with you favorites lately. I miss doing these posts. Come to think about it, I don’t even know why I stopped. So let’s get started!* She Reads Truth

I was on Instagram and noticed that some of the women I follow on Instagram were talking about the She Reads Truth app. I went and downloaded it to check it out and I am SO glad I did! They have great plans available. Some are free and some you can purchase. Affordable and easy, but they go deep. The first plan I did was the Hymns 5 day plan (free, in case you want to check it out!) I am on Hymns 2 and so far I am loving it! I recommend the app to every woman. The devotionals are so good. You can find it in the App store ( iphone users) and Goggle Play (android users) the download is free! If you already use the app, leave comment below with your thoughts!

* Glee

*photo credit Fox

Well folks, Glee is over. I’ll admit it. I cried. Not only cried but probably close to balled. The ending was beautiful, and they gave Rachel Berry her happy ending. All of the characters ended up living successful lives, and it was an emotional experience. Did anyone else get the major feels when Rachel sang This Time? It was such a beautiful way for her to have her moment. Look at all the things that she had went through, from falling in love with Finn, going on Broadway, Finn’s death. The song I felt was her way of putting Finn in the memory box so she can move on. She was never going to forget the memories she had, but there comes a time where you just need to move on with life the way that person would want you too. So you may not get any spoiler alerts from me but I am going to share the song. It was beautifully written. This Time <—- Click there to watch the song.

* Songs on Repeat

1. Glee
Nothing to really say here. LOL I have been listening to a lot of Glee. Nothing has changed.

2. Ever Be -Bethel Music
I love the We Will Not Be Shaken by Bethel Music, but this song in particular has been on repeat. It’s so simple but it’s powerful.

3.  He Stopped Loving Her Today by Cody Wickline
I saw him perform He Stopped Loving Her Today ( cover of George Jones) on The Voice for his blind audition. LOVED IT! He’s got an old country sound.. I love old country.

4. Come As You Are by Crowder
I have been loving this song! Just go listen to it, if you haven’t.

* Scents
I got two fragrance mists from Bath and Body works. They smell amazing. Makes me excited for summer to come. I don’t know about you but the thing that has kept me warm during this chilly Maryland days has been planning vacation and smelling like summer! Here are the scents that I am loving:

Endless Weekend


Lush Pink Dragonfruit


So those are my favorites. What are your favorites?

I am going to try and put up my list of recommended books today. I need snap the pictures and then I will hopefully have them up. If not today then tomorrow! I hope you all have a lovely day!

~ Brandy

A Few of My Favorite Things Days 3-4

Well as promised I am going to finish my favorites. I am going to go ahead and do the last two and the go into the rest of my blog.

A Few of My Favorite Things: Books

1. Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn: I love all these books!
2. I’m No Angel by Kylie Bisutti
4. While We’re Far Apart by Lynn Austin
5. Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury

Few of My Favorite Things: Hobbies

1. Crafting: Nothing beats getting in touch with my creative side and making something.
2. Singing and Dancing: I do not perform for anybody. I sometimes love to lift my voice in song.
3. Blogging: Having a blog is such a great way to share your thoughts with the world!
4. Writing (in general): I love to write short stories and poems.
5. Home decorating: Nothing beats making a house a home.

There you have it friends! A Few of My Favorite Things! 🙂

I have been on Pinterest the past couple of days pinning craft ideas and home organization and decor.. Pinterest has so many great ideas for those on a budget. If your anything like me, you have gone through the clothing pins wishing that as you pinned that cute outfit would just magicly appear.. Same for home decor. I have made a list of projects that I want to do once Colin and I are in our own place.

1. Make my own curtains: I don’t know about anybody else, but I can never find the right curtains. I have ideas floating around in my head and when I go to look for something as close to my vision… I never can find it. That or I find it and the price tag is horrifying. I have found fabric. At first, I may buy some inexpensive curtains to start out with.

2. Mason Jar soap dispensers: I found an easy tutorial on how to make them. I am wanting to do a larger on for dish soap. Then a couple of smaller ones for hand soap.

That is really to name a couple on my list. I will post about my progress on my projects.  I know I have mentioned the fact that I love printables. Friends, I went on Pinterest and found a whole bunch of them!! I smell a trip to the craft store!

What projects are you doing?
~ Brandy