About Me


Hello and welcome to my little home here on the internet! I am so glad you have stopped by!

You may be wondering about the girl behind the screen, so here is a little bit about myself.

*I was accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior November 17, 2006 when I was 15. Being a God-Lover has been a joy and I am still learning more about God’s character. I love Prayer journals and worship and digging into the Scriptures to learn more about Him.

*I am married to my husband Colin and we have 1 cat and 2 dogs.

*I live in Maryland. I love Crabs and yes people say ‘Hon” a lot.

* I am a coffee drinker who likes an occasional cup of tea. I love local coffee shops over chains but I do like the occasion Dunkin’s and Starbucks from time to time.

* I am theatre-loving kinda girl, if worship music isn’t playing through the house then it’s showtunes.

*I am introverted but I would love to chat over a cup of coffee.

*I love both mountains and ocean

*I love a good DIY project

*I love pretty things: Mugs, wall art…

*I am a Target shopping, Fixer Upper watching girl.

Again I am so glad you are here and that your hanging out with me. Enjoy your stay!