27 Things I Have Learned.

Hello and welcome to my little home here on the internet.

As of yesterday I turned 27. No, I don’t feel old. I don’t actually know how I feel about being in my late 20’s. So far it hasn’t been so bad. I went to New York City the day before my birthday and then for my actual birthday I went to Harpers Ferry and Antietam Battlefield. I had cupcakes and pizza… I turned 27 quietly and it was beautiful and this introvert rejoiced just spending time in cute little towns and learning some more history. 

I also stayed off the social media for the most part (I posted the pic above on Insta).

I believe we are always learning and so I am going to share 27 things I have learned. 

1. There is no better hiding place then the Bible.

2. Happy fat is a real thing and I am still trying to figure out how to lose some of it.

3. In times of distress, grieve, anger, sadness….. anxiety….we need to extend grace to ourselves. We need to be kind to our selves. Don’t wallow in it, but allow time to feel the feelings and then step back and don’t allow those things to rule over you. Don’t allow them to define you. 

4. As annoying as the word “Vibe” is it is so true though that your “ Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” if your a negative person you will attract negative people. Be positive! 

5. Beth Moore studies are always so pretty.

6. No matter your opinions; This Is Us makes me cry but I love it. I love the story, I love the characters.. I love it.

7. Life is short so tell the people you love in your life you love them. 

8. Always say Thank You to people who do nice things for you. 

9. Fireplaces are amazing. 

10. Staying in New York City overnight is not as noisy as I thought it would be. 

11.  I will most likely be the pastor’s wife who wears black nail polish and that is okay.

12. Jo Ann Fabrics coupons can be texted to you. Seriously get on bored!

13. A lot of people have opinions on Holy Yoga, but I enjoy it and I feel close to God while doing it. 

14. Pizza is good just not for your waist line. It betrays you.

15. No matter how many times I watch Anne of Green Gables, it is still my favorite movies.

16. Paper Mate colored pens are amazing for taking notes and underlining things in my Bible.

17. Pod casts are not as boring as I use to think. 

18. If you love something and enjoy something; such as going to the theatre, going to the movies, do it. Go! You’ll regret it. 

19. Travel. Whether it’s hopping a bus or plane, train… get in your car.. just go. See the things you want to see. 

20. Lifeway has a calming peace about the place. 

21. No one can ever prepare you for losing someone close. Don’t wallow or dwell in the land of If Only’s. Instead use that energy to remember the good times, the laughter. It will be hard for awhile, but in time, if you allow yourself, you will smile again when you think of that person.

22. Green Turtle has the best crab dip.. I’m kinda craving it now.

23. I still don’t like board games. 

24. Scrunchies are still amazing. Glad they are back.

25. Stevia is really REALLY sweet. Just me? Okay. Moving on…..

26. Vegan butter actually does taste like real butter.

27. I am wonderfully made in His image. From my looks, down to every little part of my personality He created. There is only one you. Be the best you, you can be. Love yourself, love others. Be the amazing you were created to be!

Thanks for reading my long list LOL. Till next time!


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I am a 27 year old dreamer. Married to my husband and best friend Colin. I am mama to three fur-babies and dream of having some babies of my own. I love Coffee and Chai Tea, reading books and watching movies. I love DIY projects and baking. I love sand between my toes and the sound of the ocean. I love clean mountain air and being outdoors. I love my family and looking into their history. I am a follower of Jesus and love serving Him in my local Church. I am a lover of music and love pretty things.

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