Your Brokenness Is Welcome Here

Hello! Welcome to my little home here on the internet!

Instagram for me is a peaceful happy place. I have more control over the content that shows up on my feed who I follow, who I interact with. I have family there, I have people that I admire, Musical’s I follow… but mostly people who are believers. I found Jordan Dooley, gosh, I don’t know if I can remember the exact moment that I discovered her blog and Instagram page.. but anyway; I love her posts. Then I saw that she started a movement with these sweatshirt’s that say Your Brokenness Is Welcome Here.”  You can check out her site Soul Scripts for the sweatshirts, shirts, Bible Studies.. You’ll love it! 

I am an introvert who desires to share more about the love of God with others on top of that I am more shy by nature. I have been working on being more friendly and open. I loved the message because it invites conversation and it is a reminder that at one point I was broken but when I received the beautiful gift of Salvation through Jesus, and I have been made whole. There is no beauty in brokenness, but beauty can come from brokenness. There is a solution to brokenness. Why wouldn’t I want to share the solution to brokenness. I want to open my heart to those who feel broken and simply say that I have been there. I know what it is like to be broken. At 15 years old, I sat in a Convention center listening to someone talk about Jesus almost 12 Years ago. I was in a pit, I felt lost and confused. I was broken and felt unloved, unwanted. The man speaking talked about all the things that I was going through then offered the solution, simply going to Jesus and handing it over. I did and I am so glad I did. I wasn’t promised a perfect painless life, but the pain of some the seasons I have walked through have been an easier when I can cast my cares and worries and hand them over to someone who wants my stuff. I still struggle with anxiety and depression, but over time as I learn to let go, I am being redeemed. I am being refined. 

If your broken, whole, regardless of where you are; you are welcome here. You are loved, you are wanted by a God that doesn’t ask you to do A-Z before He will offer you love and acceptance. He did A-Z on the Cross so you don’t have to, all because He loves and wants YOU! 

Pretty cool right? 

Here is a little side-note for my Sisters (And Brothers too):

Let’s love those around us!! 

We are called to love others, not judge and condemn them. We need to as the Church step up and say “Welcome! Come as you are!” The Father welcomes all who come to Him, so why wouldn’t we welcome those who look at us as ambassadors of Christ. Let’s be examples of who God really is, not the one religion crafted Him to be. 


Prayer Journaling: Part 1

Hello and welcome to my little home here on the internet! 

Tiny update: I am going to start posting on more of a schedule now. I am not set on a schedule as of yet, but I am going to try and post more. Once I have set posting days that I like and know how often I’ll make a little post about it and share my heart with you. 

With that being said let’s talk about something that I am passionate about: Prayer Journaling. I am going to break it down into two parts. Part one will be why we should use Prayer Journaland part two will be my favorite Prayer Journaling essentials that I have found that makes Prayer Journaling fun and something I look forward to doing. 

So you may be asking why use a Prayer Journal?  

I think the best way to answer the why is to share a little about my journey with Prayer Journaling. Before I was saved and became a God-Lover (Any Christy Miller fans?) I use to keep a diary. I found writing to be therapeutic and I also found it easier to process what was on my mind when I wrote it down. Then at the age of 15 when I asked Jesus to captain my ship, I struggled with just sitting there and simply praying. My mind would wander and sometimes I would have so much to pray for that I found it hard to know where to start. Then I discovered Prayer Journaling. When I say Prayer Journaling is a journey, it really is. Some say it’s a crutch but if you look at the Psalms you see chapters of Prayer. So if David, who was not only a king but was called a man after God’s own heart can write his prayers whether in song form or simply just written words; so could I. There are some Prayers that are easier to write down because you just can’t get the words out. I have been there. I still have those days. 

I have found that the more I practice written Prayer, my audible prayers are easier because I find that I pray the way I write. Prayer is essential to our walk, I can not stress that enough! The importance of communication with our Savior. Reading His Word and Prayer go hand in hand. We are here to glorify God. There is a shift in my attitude and my overall outlook on life when I pray. It’s a practice that is a great tool to learn to pray for more then our wants but for requests and our thankfulness. 

The more you read the Word the more you will understand the importance of prayer. Not to mention all the examples of prayer and communication with God that is in The Word. 

I know I mentioned above somewhere that my prayer journaling has helped with my audible prayer life. They go hand in hand. My prayer journal is a tool for the prayers I pray while I am doing studies, to open my heart to learning His Word. I also use it when I feel overwhelmed and I can’t speak. Thank God for a God who loves it when we come to Him no matter the method. Whether you prayer journal, or you use audible prayer, or you do both; He loves to hear from us! 

Let’s talk about prayer! If you have a Prayer request (you don’t have to actually share the details; you can simply say “Unspoken”) comment, I would love to pray for you! Till next time! 


27 Things I Have Learned.

Hello and welcome to my little home here on the internet.

As of yesterday I turned 27. No, I don’t feel old. I don’t actually know how I feel about being in my late 20’s. So far it hasn’t been so bad. I went to New York City the day before my birthday and then for my actual birthday I went to Harpers Ferry and Antietam Battlefield. I had cupcakes and pizza… I turned 27 quietly and it was beautiful and this introvert rejoiced just spending time in cute little towns and learning some more history. 

I also stayed off the social media for the most part (I posted the pic above on Insta).

I believe we are always learning and so I am going to share 27 things I have learned. 

1. There is no better hiding place then the Bible.

2. Happy fat is a real thing and I am still trying to figure out how to lose some of it.

3. In times of distress, grieve, anger, sadness….. anxiety….we need to extend grace to ourselves. We need to be kind to our selves. Don’t wallow in it, but allow time to feel the feelings and then step back and don’t allow those things to rule over you. Don’t allow them to define you. 

4. As annoying as the word “Vibe” is it is so true though that your “ Vibe Attracts Your Tribe” if your a negative person you will attract negative people. Be positive! 

5. Beth Moore studies are always so pretty.

6. No matter your opinions; This Is Us makes me cry but I love it. I love the story, I love the characters.. I love it.

7. Life is short so tell the people you love in your life you love them. 

8. Always say Thank You to people who do nice things for you. 

9. Fireplaces are amazing. 

10. Staying in New York City overnight is not as noisy as I thought it would be. 

11.  I will most likely be the pastor’s wife who wears black nail polish and that is okay.

12. Jo Ann Fabrics coupons can be texted to you. Seriously get on bored!

13. A lot of people have opinions on Holy Yoga, but I enjoy it and I feel close to God while doing it. 

14. Pizza is good just not for your waist line. It betrays you.

15. No matter how many times I watch Anne of Green Gables, it is still my favorite movies.

16. Paper Mate colored pens are amazing for taking notes and underlining things in my Bible.

17. Pod casts are not as boring as I use to think. 

18. If you love something and enjoy something; such as going to the theatre, going to the movies, do it. Go! You’ll regret it. 

19. Travel. Whether it’s hopping a bus or plane, train… get in your car.. just go. See the things you want to see. 

20. Lifeway has a calming peace about the place. 

21. No one can ever prepare you for losing someone close. Don’t wallow or dwell in the land of If Only’s. Instead use that energy to remember the good times, the laughter. It will be hard for awhile, but in time, if you allow yourself, you will smile again when you think of that person.

22. Green Turtle has the best crab dip.. I’m kinda craving it now.

23. I still don’t like board games. 

24. Scrunchies are still amazing. Glad they are back.

25. Stevia is really REALLY sweet. Just me? Okay. Moving on…..

26. Vegan butter actually does taste like real butter.

27. I am wonderfully made in His image. From my looks, down to every little part of my personality He created. There is only one you. Be the best you, you can be. Love yourself, love others. Be the amazing you were created to be!

Thanks for reading my long list LOL. Till next time!


Dear Lisa

I have already posted a post on Instagram and Facebook and yet for some reason I feel like the words I typed out are not enough. So here I am typing out a blog post.

You had a light about you. You were loving, kind, and you poured yourself into others. I know you never knew how much you meant to people, and I know that you had no clue of the impact you had on others. You loved Jesus, your family, your church…and while I don’t blame you and I am not mad that God took you too soon, because I know that His plans are not mine. Even as I try to wrap my mind around it all, I keep hearing you telling me to be kind to myself. I know it will hurt for a bit, but goodness the things that you have taught me! I don’t know if I can begin to count or recount all of those things. You seemed to see the “Me” that God intended me to be when I couldn’t see it. The cards, the texts, the hugs….there is just so many things over the few years I have had the joy of calling you friend on earth. To be honest if I can put one word to the feeling I have in this moment it’s lonely. Walking into Church today was one of the hardest things I have done in my life, I stared at the missions office hoping that if it truely were a bad dream you’d walk through. I could barely get through the hymns this morning because all I could picture is you singing the same songs in eternity in the presence of our Savior. 

You poured so much into; not just myself, but to so many people. I promise to try to be brave. I hope you’ll understand that I simply don’t feel so brave right now. I will try to be the Pastor’s wife you saw me as.  

Today when I got home, I got into my comfy clothes and I grabbed the coloring book you gave me simply because you saw it and it made you think of me. I colored for a bit and thought of all the good times. I smiled because sending cards or seeing something like a coloring book for someone was something you did. You were a giving person, you never asked for anything in return. 

I thought of how on Friday night, I was putting on the dramatics with the storm and the electricity out. I was home alone and had brought out an extra oil lamp and when I ran out of fire wood, I went out in the whirling wind to bring some in and then felt the need to have coffee. So of course I found a way to make coffee and I laughed to myself because I felt like I was in Little House On The Prairie. I couldn’t wait to tell you because I knew you’d laugh and find it funny. 

No matter how many tears are shed or how much I wish you were here for longer, you are home now. How can I possibly wish you back after all the beauty you are seeing. You are in such a better place and in time I will start to understand that. 

I love you my friend, you have left footprints on my heart and for that I will be forever thankful. See you soon!