The Wall BlockĀ 

I have been gone from blogging for a little while: a very long time. I needed it though, needed to come to a place where I know what kind of blogger I want to be and not simply be the blogger I think I should be. I had the creative block that really was more like a huge wall that I just couldn’t climb up over it. I had to have it torn down brick by brick. I tried multiple times only to come to the realization that the wall;each brick really was a representation of my insecurities in my writing, in creative abilities. I was scared to really just pour out everything I had, and I was also uninspired to write. So I took a step back and decided that there was only way to take that wall and that was to battle each of my insecurities head on. So I put on my war paint and got started. 

I traveled, I learned, I lived my life. While I may not have all of the answers I was looking for, I never will. However I have broken through the wall enough to come out on the other side. 

So here’s to writing more and being the writer I always was.