War & Peace Adaptation 

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Well I took an extended break to enjoy being with family and friend for the Thanksgiving holiday. 

I am not really a Black Friday shopper, in fact I spent Black Friday watching Gilmore Girls(my thoughts are coming on that!) but I went out Thanksgiving night and tried to find some DVDs to add to my collection. I have been wanting to watch this adaptation of War & Peace for a few reasons:

1. I love Lily James. I think she is gorgeous and I have yet to watch anything with her in it that I didn’t like. 

2. I never actually watched War & Peace before and I have never read the book. To be honest the book intimidates me a little. But I want to read it so Badly! 

3. It looked good. 🙂 

So I am going to keep this spoiler free and try and break things down  that I want to talk about. Then wrap things up with my final thoughts. 

• The scenery- Good Lord….. it was gorgeous and paired with a gorgeous soundtrack is… Be still my heart! Just so gorgeous. 

• I loved the character development with Pierre, Natasha and Andrei. They learned about love and forgiveness. I loved Andrei and Natasha very fairytale like and the heartbreak! Pierre coming to the realization he always loved one woman. 

• I was looking for a way to describe Andrei. And I saw someone beat me too it- A Russian Mr. Darcy. If your new here, everybody knows I love broody male characters. Mr.Darcy being my one true brooding love. I am thinking we need a new Pride and Prejudice adaptation and James Norton must play Mr. Darcy. 

• The costumes….. soooooo gorgeous can we talk about Natasha’s white lace dress next to Andrei’s White dress uniform? Swooning! Link below to watch the Waltz scene. 

Andrei and Natasha Waltz

All the costumes were gorgeous and I kinda wishing I could wear one of those gowns now. 

So in short, I loved this adaptation and I am adding the book to my TBR. I am definitely going to rewatch after I haversack the book. But like with a lot of adaptations they always tend to lean a little far from the book and I try and keep adaptations and books separate, especially if I love the adaptation. 

There are a couple sexed up scenes as well as some graphic battle scenes and wounds. The rating is TV-14 and is definitely for a mature audience. 


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