Let’s Be Honest

Hello and welcome to my home here on the Internet. You are probably have noticed that I have changed my blog name yet again. You may be thinking “Gees girl! Just pick a name and leave it!” In all honesty that is kind of how I feel. I honestly believe the more I blog and the more I feel I am getting to know who I am it becomes more clear what I actually want to blog about. I see to put myself in a box and really limit myself. I mean, in all seriousness, this is my blog and I am slowly learning that I really need to stop limiting myself. I love to travel,read amount many other things and I think the more I have thought about it them more I asked myself why I keep sticking myself in the same box. I think that as humans we continue to discover the person God created us to be. I think blogs should reflect whose behind the screen. So I am going to write about books, where I go, write stories and share whatever is on my heart. 

Here’s to being ourselves,