The Dark Days Club- Book Chat

Welcome back to my little slice of the Internet! I am going to bring you another book chat. 

The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman. 

When I first say this book it was not long after it released and I was in love with the cover. I read the synopsis and it sounded like a book I would read, but I didn’t end up purchasing it until a couple of months later. The current me would like to ask past me this question: Why did you wait so long?!?!? 

This book is basically Pride and Prejudice meets demon hunters similar to Shadowhunters. I will explain in a moment but it was good! I loved it. 

I am not going to add spoilers in this post, but if you are interested in a spoiler review let me know. 

|My Thoughts|

Basically you go into this historical/dark fantasy in the regency era. The romantic time of balls and dresses and leisurely walks in the park. It was also a time where women hoped to find a marriage. We are then introduced to Lady Helen. Lady Helen is smart, beautiful and doesn’t desire to marry just anybody. Then she meets the handsome Lord Carlston who is wrapped in scandal. She is drawn to him and he tells her that she is meant for more then just balls and marriage. 

We meet other characters such as the Duke, her brother, her ladies maid, as well as her aunt and uncle. 

Now before I talk anymore about characters, let’s talk demon hunter. Much like how the Shadow Hunters are part of the clave or enclave (If you are in England)and have special weaponsand are part angel. There are also hundreds of Shadowhunters. In this book there are only 8 demon hunters and they make up The Dark Days Club. Their not part angel but are humans with the ability to handle battles with demons and can see them. The detail of Alison Goodman’s demon hunters are so well done. I loved the world she built inside of the one that really exsisted. 

There is a small love triangle, not in the way that is annoying or on a “here we go” way. More like she is torn between duty and I would say her heart. I love this mysterious Lord Carlston, I am hoping that we will have the chance to get to know him. I wasn’t a fan of the Duke. There is something about him that didn’t click with me. 

I loved this book! I gave it 5 stars on Goodreads. I recommend thIs book.

Have you read The Dark Days Club? Let me know your thoughts In the comment section!

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