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I am finally able to just sit down and actually blog a book review. I have wanted to share my non-spoiler opinion on yet another book. So here I am! I am actually taking a break from Lady Midnight to get this review up. See? I really love you guys! 😉 I have been pretty active on Goodreads and adding commentary with my updates if your interested in seeing how I am enjoying Lady Midnight before I post the review! My Goodreads is on the sidebar!

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell was one book that was so realistic and so relatable. It is nice to read a contemporary novel that I felt like I understood exactly what Cath was thinking. Now I don’t write fan-fiction. I enjoy reading fan-fiction, but when it comes down to my personal writing, I have my own cabinet of characters that have stories, that honestly, I don’t really think in terms of what I would do with characters that have stories already. You know what I mean? I also didn’t have a song list to play during this book, because I listened to everything from Fall Out Boy to Chris Stapleton.

I loved Cath. I loved how quirky she was and how much she was into her fandom. I personally belong to a few. I loved how protective and caring she was with her dad, and twin sister. I also LOVED that she was rooting for Levi… the only thing I didn’t like? it was to short! I wanted to know more. I wanted to read more with Cath and Levi. We can read Carry On for Simon and Baz, but I really want to know how her writing goes, more of her and Levi… Other then that. I laughed, and nodded in agreement. It was that relatable. In fact if you saw me in Barnes and Nobles yesterday picking up Lady Midnight, talk about Fangirling moment…. I think I skipped in and to the shelf and then skipped out with the bag that held the book I have been waiting for. I also loved the scenes where cath was reading to Levi.. The feels! I loved tyhis quote from the book:

” I’m the kind of girl who fantasizes about being trapped in a library overnight.-Cath, FanGirl by Rainbow Rowell”

I recommend this read and I gave it 5 stars.

I know that this was short and sweet, sorry! Don’t want to spoil those who haven’t read it yet! Feel free to share what your fangirling over at the moment!

Till my next book review!




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