Collective Thoughts 

It is 5:30am and I am awake. Wide awake and sitting in front of the space heater. As soon as my eyes popped open and I saw the time I could not believe that I was up this early. Yet the opportunity to sit and blog uninterrupted and be able to do my devotional before the sun comes up is to much to pass up. So I wander to the kitchen to make a cup of coffee, and going through the pictures from the walk I went on a couple days ago to be added to the blog. 

If you don’t live in Maryland, or you have never visited my lovely state. It is one of the most fickle states weather wise. We can go through four seasons in a week. Take this past week for example, we had snow last Friday and warm spring weather yesterday. We even had summer weather when I went for a walk and decided to take some pictures. 

Besides the fickle weather, we have some very pretty landscapes and old historic buildings. Which makes for wonderful photographs. I enjoy learning photography skills so that when I post pictures on my Instagram or here on the blog, that they do look nice. I called the picture above my “calander picture”. 

I prefer writing as a way to express myself creatively. Taking walks and taking pictures help the process. 

So I really want to challenge myself to try and write more short stories. I use to write short stories all the time. I am thinking of posting them here. I have ideas, just need to put them down on paper. 

In book related news: Lady Midnight is here!!!!!! I still have to go out and get my copy, but my birthday is Wednesday (Hello 25) and I want to get it around my birthday. 

I also just finished Fangirl by Raindow Rowell. I’ll post my review soon. But I loved it. I kind of can’t believe I didn’t read it till now. It has been sitting on my TBR for a few months now. 

Have I mentioned how extremely quiet it is 5 in the morning? I have ear buds in and just taping away…. Bliss. 

Lately I have been really soaking my soul in the lyrics of Trust In You by Lauren Daigle. I think with each season of life there are new challenges,but the fact that we need to trust in God fully, even when sometimes He doesn’t move the mountains or part the waters that we want Him to. It is hard to believe that sometimes His saying “No” is a good thing. I am always amazed when something better happens along and God’s hand is all over it. 

Sorry for the randomness of my post. Sometimes my life is a random collective of thoughts. Thanks for reading! 

Here’s to random thoughts!

~ Brandy

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I am a 27 year old dreamer. Married to my husband and best friend Colin. I am mama to three fur-babies and dream of having some babies of my own. I love Coffee and Chai Tea, reading books and watching movies. I love DIY projects and baking. I love sand between my toes and the sound of the ocean. I love clean mountain air and being outdoors. I love my family and looking into their history. I am a follower of Jesus and love serving Him in my local Church. I am a lover of music and love pretty things.

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