Insight Book Review

Another day where I am making a second post because I am behind on book reviews. After today blogging life will go back to normal. Because all the books I have so far read will have been reviewed and I can start a new book.

Insight by Jamie Magee.

I got this ebook free from bookbub. I like free things and the discription intrigued me enough to add it to my ebook library. Hence the screen shot.

I actually read this after Clockwork Angel. Yet, I didn’t review it because I wasn’t 100% sure my feelings on this book. I didn’t even put a star rating on Goodreads because my thoughts were inconclusive. This review I want to be a little in depth without spoiling it but no promises this time. Cause I have a bit to say.

|My Review|

Insight is about an 18 year old girl named Willow. She has a power to feel the emotions of everyone around her and to change them. She has nightmares and a dream. In the nightmares there is a horrible guy looking for her and in her dreams she meets with a guy she loves. Turns out the guy of her dreams is her soul mate and the bad guy thinks he’s her soul mate. She also learns that she belongs in a different world and must return as the bad guy finds her. 

While I loved the world that was created. I thought it was cool, I though Willow was… Well alittle annoying. Her soul mate Landen is a sweet guy and is driven to protect her. They can’t be separated for long periods of time because it physically hurts them. Some may find that romantic but I wasn’t feeling it. I mean look at Clary from TMI series, she and Jace are clearly meant to be but I love that she is also her own person. 

Then all of a sudden there is talk of past lives… What the heck??? Apparently, Landen and Willow lived in past lives and the connection between the two of them and Willow’s little sister Libby was sweet until it is revealed that in their past life Libby was actually their daughter…..(sorry for that small spoiler but I had to mention this!) I will be honest that was just weird. I felt that was weirder then that stupid lie Clary and Jace believed… ( seriously Jace is clearly full blooded Herondale!) 

There are other books in the series, but I don’t see myself reading them. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it enough to continue with the series. The plot didn’t grab my attention and adding the whole reincarnation plot just didn’t appeal to me. Landen may look like Will Herondale but he is not Will Herondale

So there we have it… My review! 

What are you all currently reading? Share in the comments!


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