The Infernal Devices Book One Review!

How gorgeous is the cover art on this book?? Needless to say out of all the books that I was attempting to read this month….This was the one I was most excited to read.  Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare.

I originally wanted to read Dragonfly In Amber by Diana Gabaldon first. However, I could not get my head out of the Shadow World. How could I go back to Scotland to visit Jamie and Claire, when my heart was already waiting for me at the London Institute? Since I read City of Heavenly Fire, I was ready to meet Will, Tessa and Jem. I LOVED this book. Cassandra clare did a fantastic job taking us back and introducing us to relatives of our already loved characters from The Mortal Instruments and letting us peek into the lives of our immortal friends. Before I jump into more of thoughts, I did want to say that this is a fantasy read. If your not really into the fantasy genre this may not appeal to you. The books are also Young Adult.

|The Shadow World|

The world that Cassandra Clare has created is so well done. She really knows how to paint the picture of the Shadow World so that you can see it clearly. I loved how she took historic London and the shadow world and put them together. It was beautifully done and I felt like I was there. Always a plus!

|Meeting Tessa Gray|

We really get introduced to Tessa in City of Heavenly Fire. Clary talks to her. However, we really get to know Tessa in Clockwork Angel. We follow Tessa as she gets kidnapped and learns that she has the power to change into another person. She is told that if she doesn’t do what she is told that harm would come to her brother. Her brother ends up not being who she thought he was. She is rescued by Will Herondale and is taken to the Institute where she learns that she is part warlock and the other part is something else but she isn’t human. She finds herself drawn not only to Will but his parabatai Jem. Hence the start of a love triangle. I loved her witty personality and her love of books is very relatable.

|Meeting William (Will) Herondale|

Where do I begin with Will Herondale? If you love Jace Herondale, you will love Will. Jace clearly gets his personality from his great great  great grandfather. Will is snarky, cocky, a lot like Jace. Will knows he is attractive and knows he is a good warrior. Underneath his cocky attitude you see he cares for a lot for Jem, and clearly cares for Tessa. He loves books and loves to quote them. He reminds me of Mr. Darcy. You have to really get to know past the parts that make him look like a jerk. He is really a sweet guy underneath the surface. He loves being a shadow hunter and despite his feelings for Tessa, he pushes her away.

|Meeting James (Jem) Carstairs|


Jem is the opposite of Will. He likes Tessa but instead of pushing her away due to the fact he has an illness he that doesn’t have a cure for at the time, he pulls her closer. He sees Tessa as something special. Jem is also best friends and is parabatai with Will. A parabatai is two warriors who are bound together and are eachothers fighting partners. They also can feel when the other is in pain and can sense when they have passed. Jem plays the violin. He is a really sweet guy.

| The Plot|

So that I don’t slip up and give out spoilers, I am just going to say that the plot twists had me on the edge of my seat. I was surprised by who the bad guys were. I like books that surprise me.

|The Love Triangle|

Ah… the beginning of the love triangle has started to take shape! With most love triangles I pretty much pick a side and don’t stray from it. This love triangle is different. I love both guys. They both are different in personality but they both love Tessa. They are respectful of the other. Jem doesn’t seem to notice Will’s feelings for Tessa but you can tell Will notices Jem’s. He doesn’t try and push himself on Tessa, in fact he keeps pushing her away. So really I can’t choose between them!

|Final Thoughts|

As said in the beginning… I loved this book. I was not disappointed. I am disappointed it ended. I honestly can not wait to get my hands on the second book. Don’t be surprised if my January list gets chucked to the side and this month consists of the last two books! History, fantasy.. I really got the package deal with this book. I am looking forward to what the rest have in store!


P.S. What book(s) have you been loving so far? Leave me a comment below!


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