When The Lord Calls

•I am actually on Vacation right now; but felt this was put on my heart this morning. I can’t wait to share vacation pictures with you!•
I don’t remember if I ever talked about callings here on the blog. Awhile ago I felt God put it in my heart that I needed to prepare for a new season of ministry. Serving Him in a different capacity using gifts that He has given me. 

It is a little nerve wracking at first. When your standing on the shore and the Lord calls you out into the water. Our very nature asks how it is possible. Especially if it is in an area your not to confident in. 

I tend to second guess myself a lot. Anybody else? Very slowly, I have started gaining more confidence. I love  how God transforms my scared heart and makes it confident in Him. 

God doesn’t leave nor does He forsake. He is all sufficient and the Lover of my heart. With that being said , I am moving forward. I am preparing my heart for His calling and His call I will answer. 

It may take a few months maybe years before I am fully emerged in a ministry. I have been learning patience and I have learned to love my self enough to know that this process will be worth it. 

So I want to leave you with this encouragement, if God calls you to serve, answer! It may be a process you have to go through, it may require stripping your pride down. It may even be something you do today or tomorrow. It may be rough at first but answering the call He gives you is well worth it. 


4th of July

I am finally sharing my pictures from Independence Day! I hope you all who celebrated the holiday had a wonderful time with family and friends celebrating the freedom we have because of the brave! 


~ Brandy

Stress and Baby Names

Jumping on to do a quick TTC update.

So far no BFP. My cycle has also decided to be super irregular. It has made TTC an irritating and emotionally frustrating. I do believe a lot of it is stress. I don’t want to bore you all with a list of things I am stressed out about. I am going to take charge and focus more on reducing my stress levels and less on TTC. Relaxing. I have some fun things in store and I want to focus and enjoy those moments. So far here is what I have been doing:

1. Taking a nap:

I have been turning in earlier and waking up early. I love early mornings and that early morning cup of coffee. About mid day, I have started taking a small nap. A complete unplug. No phone, no tv or music. Silence. Not being also attached to my phone has been so relaxing.

2. Getting out and Doing Things:

Going for walks, swimming in the river. Or going on a day trip. Colin and I have been doing more this summer as a couple as well as individuals. Having fun and laughing is a great way to reduce your stress levels! 

I have also gotten into thinking about names. We have a boy name picked and ready to go. However we have been looking at girl names. The problem hasn’t been finding names. It’s been me liking a whole bunch names and trying to sort through them and pick one! The boy name was easy. It is the only name both Colin and I loved when it comes to a boy. The girl name has been more of a challenge. Mainly because I have been looking for names that not every one is using. So far there are two names that I am in love with! It’s picking the one I would use now. That has been a challenge. I won’t be sharing them until I am pregnant, gender is known and I make the announcement. 😉 

So there is my quick update! How about you? How do you relieve stress? Got your babies names picked out? feel free to send me a comment! 


Beach Trip


The ocean is one of my favorite natural beauties on earth ( the other being mountains). I love the sight and sound of the waves, the smell of the salty air, the feel of the sand between my toes while the waves slap up against me. I adore the ocean. When I got saved that was what I listened to as I fell asleep. The plus side of getting saved on the beach! I am always reminded how much God loves me when I am by the Ocean. 

I also got burnt. The past few days have been me drinking ice water, wearing loss clothing and reapplying after sun lotion. I also had no internet those days so I took the time to read. No Grey’s Anatomy for this girl. It was hard laying there and feeling burned and wondering why I even bothered with sunscreen anyway. I ended up burnt still. Good news, I am healing very well and I will have a nice tan. As well as not have to worry about being this burned again. Yay! Which brings me to my next trip: Williamsburg!! I can not begin to express how excited I am to go. And to go with my skin use to sun exposure so my sunblock won’t have to do all the work! 

With any trip, I have a packing list. Besides the actual trip, packing lists are one of my favorite parts. It means we are getting closer to a week away. 

So in closing I want to share a couple more shots I took at the beach. 


~ Brandy