Cake Batter Dip

If your anything like me, you probably pin a ton of recipes on Pinterest. 

A couple of years ago when I first got married, I wanted to try at some point all the recipes that I have pinned. However, I still have a ton to try and this is one of the first ones I tried. 

I love cake batter and finding a way to eat it was a big deal to me. Not only that but everyone loves it! Cake Batter Dip is fun for girls nights in, a fun family treat, or eating it with your hubby while watching Duck Dynasty. 

Click Here to go to the site and see the actual website and Pin it! 

All you need is:

1 box of yellow cake mix

2 cups of low fat vanilla yogurt

1 and a half cups of cool whip ( I just used Wegmans brand)


Mix it all together and use graham crackers or animal crackers for dipping! 

If you make it let me know!

~ Brandy

Quick Hello!

First off, sorry for the lack of posts! The past week has been super busy and then with the holiday on Monday. I feel like I can finally just sit down and write. It is hard to believe that we are coming up to the end of May. Which means, my anniversary is coming up. In fact it is Monday! I seriously can not believe that it will be two years already. This weekend we have some fun things planned and Colin got off on Monday so that we can take a day trip just the two of us. I love it when the two of us can get just take off and spend time together. Even more so now, because there will come a time where it will be harder to get away.

One thing I want to do on this day trip is to unplug. Turn off notifications and just use my phone for taking pictures. spending time with my husband just him and I. It is so easy to get distracted with having social media right there in the palm of your hand. I will make a blog post about our trip. I am so excited because we have been planning this trip for months! 🙂

I am going to chat for a bit about TTC. So I am coming up to the end of this cycle and I will find out whether or not this month was our month. I am for the most part feeling calm. I think I am in a place right now, where I am really leaning on Jesus right now. I have also been in really good shape from exercise and healthy eating that I feel pretty good. After being on this journey for a little bit, I am trying not to jump the gun based on what I am feeling. I don’t want to get my hopes up because I have done that so many times. I also started a written journal for this journey. I bought a set of three small journals from Target. They are cute, and I am really enjoying taking some time and putting my heart on the pages. The TTC journey is such a personal journey, and while I enjoy sharing here on the blog, nothing beats a good pen and a cute journal!

Sorry that this post is short! I have some fun things happening this weekend and I am excited to share with you!

~ Brandy

There’s No Place Like Home


Thursday morning I finished packing my bags and came back to the place I grew up. I always love coming back home. I love pulling up the drive and seeing the familiar barn, the sound of the gravel crunching beneath the tires. The sweet clean air and the over grown Christmas trees that could probably tell a story or two. 

I came back to help my mom since she had a procedure done. This morning I walked my younger siblings down to the bus, waved goodbye and went back to watch over my youngest brother. Together we watched his favorite shows shared fruit snacks and went outside to play in the sunshine. 

In the process of taking care of my siblings, I got a small taste of what motherhood is like. It’s a calling on my heart that I have had since I was 16. It’s been the last few years where I started to really see that while the old familiar places feel like home. The people who live there, that is home. 

I have personally chosen to not be overly transparent in regards to TTC. I have made a couple of posts, but I never really opened up my heart and exposed every little detail. Mainly because I felt like it was personal. Even though I share a little here and there, there’s so much more behind the scenes. 

I have chosen to write this post. I have tried writing it so many times and I think I have finally come to a place where I can write it. 

I didn’t know what to expect when trying to have a baby. I didn’t know it would take a little longer, and I certainly didn’t expect the mother load of emotions. No matter how many negative pregnant tests you have, it hurts. Even when you expect it to be negative it hurts. To love someone so much who hasn’t been created yet. This was also the first Mothers Day I got to experience first hand the heartbreak and the joy that day brings.    Colin had gotten me red roses and a sweet Mothers Day card and wrote a sweet note inside. 

I had decided a few months ago, that I wanted to take more pictures. In this case I wanted to take a picture of the flowers Colin gave me. 

I posted on Instagram and decided to be honest. To allow myself to be transparent. To allow myself to feel the hurt the last 6 almost 7 months have put my heart through. Then something I didn’t prepare for. The love and support from those that love me. I suddenly realized that these sweet people who are willing to cry with me, will be rejoicing with me when I finally get my BFP ( Big Fat Postive). 

However, I realized something else. Now is the time to build a home for my sweet babies. To prepare my heart for every set of sticky fingers, and every boo-boo. To prepare a place in my heart for the footprints that will stampede it. To prepare to teach them the Gospel. To encourage them, to wipe tears. To rarely hear thank you’s and to rock to sleep a sick little one. Because these little ones will be my home. 

My home is in Colin. Lord only knows no one else could handle being married to me. My craziness as well as my geekiness. To make him my main human priority. To make our marriage number 1. Because when those sweet little faces grow up and start on the paths God has for them, I will still be growing old with my best friend. 

A house is a building, the people you love inside makes it home.

Cause let’s face it, there really is no place like home.


New Name, New Colors

I am a perfectionist. This at times makes me change things up until I feel like that I have reached my goal. Any Other Type A’s out there??

I was watching a chat on YouTube on blogging, and business and realized that there was a lot that I wanted to do. Yet, I just didn’t know where to start. So I took a mini break from posting to really focus on the colors and my name. I also tired to list what I wanted my blog to be about, and learn more about taking better pictures with my iphone… A lot of thought is going into this. So I want to talk about the two things that for myself took the longest and that would be the over all look and name.


I have quite a few favorite colors. I chose a dark form of lavender and a light blue. I am very drawn to lavender and Tiffany Blue items. So it made sense that my blog would follow suit. I am still perfecting the blue but for now I am willing to take my time.

The New Name:

When I made the big move from BlogSpot, I knew I was ready for a new season of blogging. That included changing my name. I wasn’t sure what I wanted so for the time being I had used my name. I really wanted to have a name that was me. I talked to Colin and my sister Michelle, both who are pretty good at coming up with titles. I am very quirky in personality. I like glitter but then I also love super heroes. My music tastes are just as quirky. So having “Quirky” in the title was a natural fit. Besides being quirky, my faith is very important to me. I also liked to inform people that I am not perfect but I am saved. So you may be wondering when the lightening bolt struck. Well I decided to download VSCOcam. I am NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER by any means, my sister in law Chloe is and takes gorgeous pictures. I downloaded it to learn to take better pictures. I like to learn skills and in different seasons I pick up new hobbies. This season I decided to learn to take better pictures. Anyway…. I had to pick a username and the first thing that popped in my head was Saved & Quirky. Then I realized that there was the name for my blog I have been looking for.

So that is a quick update on the changes that I have made! I will have a new post up later today!

~ Brandy

Google Chromecast Review + Favorites

May The Fourth Be With You!!

Sorry! I had too! I couldn’t resist the force…. sorry again.

Anyway now that I got that out of my system, I want to talk to you about my new favorite toy. In my marriage, I am the one who likes the tech stuff. The hubby appreciates technology but I am the one who really is into it. I like hooking things up. All that being said, I am going to tell you my unsponsored, completely honest opinion on the Google Chromecast. I am not being paid for anything that I am going to say. I just want to share my thoughts for anyone who is interested.

I personally love my Google Chromecast. I watch a lot of YouTube and Netflix and to just press a button on my phone or tablet is actually really ,really nice. While I do also have cable, most of my favorite shows are on Netflix at the moment and I pretty much watch it all the time. But it’s not good for any of us to be holding a device all the time. It is affordable as well.IMG_2629

So that is what it looks like. it does work on both of my TV’s which is great. The only glitch that I have experienced has been with my internet connection. Because my living space is in a basement, the internet isn’t always the best. other then internet frustrations I have no complaints! It was worth buying.

I figured that since I was going talk a little about my new toy. That I would share my other favorites with you from this past week. I love doing favorites posts. I have a few in the works that I can not wait to share! So let’s jump in!

1.) Movies

I am going to go back into my nerd mode for a second and say that I went to see The Avengers 2 Age of Ultron. Like with any Hollywood movie, there were some die hard comic fans that were not really big fans of the movie. I love me some super Heroes and I was not disappointed in this movie. I do plan to read the comic the movie is suppose to be based on. So that I can understand what the actual differences are. It has been a little while since I have actually read a comic. I am excited to see my favorite Superheroes coming to life on the big screen. I have my favs when it comes to DC and Marvel. Some of you may throw some rocks at me, but I do think it would be cool if they took The Avengers and The Justice League and made a huge team to fight some of our favorite bad guys. If this has already happened and I have seriously been under a rock this entire time please break it to me gently!

2.) TV Shows

I actually have a couple that I have been really into right now.

  • Once Upon A Time:

Oh my word! This show always has me at the edge of my seat, and they are always surprising me with something else. I have watched this since season 1 and I am still loving it.

  • Sons of Anarchy

Now you may be surprised that I am really into this show. Then again you probably shouldn’t be. My dad is a biker, I have cousins that are bikers. While they are not outlaws, there is something about Harley’s. leather, and the sound of motorcycles that I just love. I love riding on motorcycles, if you have never been on one, you don’t know the thrill in which I am speaking of. So I have been really into this show.

3.) My Erin Condren Planner

I am not going to talk to much about it, because I am going to do a separate post just about my planner. However, I’M IN LOVE, with my planner.

So that is a few of my favorites. I have a couple more favorite posts that will be separate. Let me know what your favorite TV show is?

~ Brandy