How To Clean Out Your Bath and Body Works Candles

   If your anything like me, the Bath and Body Works candles are my favorite. I especially love it when they have their 2 for 22 sale!! 🙂

They also have cute, reusable jars. Let’s face it, even though they are so worth the price, it’s just a waste to throw the jars away. All you have to do is clean them out and they can be used for storage, candy jars.. It does take some time, so I suggest doing this on a day when you have time.

So at about this point in your candle the wick will have been burned down. Below is the picture of the inside of the candle:
 (Sorry for the poor picture!!) But you can see enough to see that the wick is burned down. At this point it’s time to clean it out use it for something else.
Step 1:
You put your candle in the freezer.
I had my candle in there for anywhere between an hour- 2 hours. This is to allow the candle wax to crack, therefore making it easy to remove the wax.
 You can kind of see the crack in the wax. There are a couple small cracks. If you don’t see any cracks replace the candle back into the freezer and until the wax cracks.
Step 2:
Now it is time to remove the wax from the candle jar. Take a butter knife and start taking the wax pieces out of the jar.
Now once you get the wax out, I put the remaining wax in an air tight sandwhich bag to be used in a wax warmer. No need to throw away perfectly good wax!

Step 3:

Now for what I consider the harder part of this project. To remove the stuck on wax and the three metal wick holders. Those things are glued on and I found it easier for me to just put hot water in the jar and let the wax and the glue soften so that I can remove them.

 Once I poured out the water I remove the remaining wax. and then work on the metal pieces.
I used a tooth pick to remove the glue from around the metal pieces. Then I used the same butter knife and removed the metal pieces from the jar.
Step 4:
Now it’s time to take the stickers off. Now I did this as step three, but it really doesn’t matter in which order you choose to go with. It is the easiest part. I did the bottom first. I ran hot water directly onto the bottom sticker to make it easier to peel off.
After I soaked the sticker, I then just take my finger and scratch the sticker off the bottom.
Now it is time for the front sticker.. I do the same thing as I did with the bottom sticker.

Step 5:

All you have to do is wash your jar and then you get to enjoy your new jar!!!


~ Brandy

Update: What’s Been Going On?

     I am so glad to be able to sit down and actually write this evening. I have my new candle from Bath and Body Works burning and I felt like today was a good day to update you on what’s going on with me since my last post. 
West Virginia:
   I have yet to really talk about my trip to visit my Aunt Koren in West Virginia. Let me first say, that I loved that small little town I was in! I fell head over heals being in the mountains and enjoying a slower paced life. I loved waking up and seeing the mountain and not having to use an inhaler was nice too. 😉 I have every intention of going up as soon as I can and taking my kids there someday. I am going to insert my pictures from the trip that I took with my phone here:

My view outside my Aunt’s front porch.

The Flea Market prt.1

The Flea Market prt.2

A cave, we saw while sight seeing

The pictures just don’t do this place justice!



Fort Seybert






The reenactment of the burning of Fort Seybert






This is from my last day. My Aunt Koren was leading a 1860’s Church service. I

My Aunt Koren and I.

Women’s Prayer Tea:
At church we did our first prayer tea praying for the women in our community. It was such a joy to spend my time with these wonderful women of God. I learn so much from these women. The food was great and I took some pictures of our fellowship hall decorated for our tea.

The table we used.

I brought some things from my home to use for the center piece.

I love small southern touches!

I brought these from my house. They are just so girly and fun!

The orange curtains are some that we had at the church. They were so pretty and fall like that we decided to keep them on the windows!

The table were we put the food.

Well, I am going to touch on this topic a little bit in this blog post, but I plan on doing a different post on this topic. This is going to be a new topic that will be floating around on my blog. If you remember when I started this blog, that’s what I started talking about was timing and I did two posts before I felt like expanding into other topics. I have come to this new chapter in my life and I’ll be honest, this is not going to become a TTC blog. I started this blog with that in mind, but the more that I have prayed about it the more that I have felt that I didn’t want this to become my entire blog. I know that there are women who struggle with infertility, at the same time I want to share my thoughts here and there on the topic. ever since I was little I have always wanted to be a mom. I still have that desire. at the same time I don’t want to stress myself over all the things that could go wrong. My general plan is to just let God bless us in His timing. Don’t get me wrong, I would love for that to happen sooner than later. However, I am feeling really content right now. Like I said , I do plan on doing a more in depth post on the topic, I am hoping in the next day or so, just to explain how I plan on touching this subject here on my blog.

I hope ya’ll are having a blessed evening!

~ Brandy