What is So Wrong With Being a Lady?

Very morning when I wake up, I get a cup of coffee and get on Facebook and Instagram. I keep seeing girls posting pictures with duck faces and using gang symbols. It breaks my heart to see a generation not respecting themselves. It’s sad. A girl doesn’t have to wear yards of pink or 6in heels everyday. It’s good to have many different personalities of ladies. My issue is respecting yourself. In a media driven culture you get bullied for not doing what everyone else is doing. I want to encourage girls to be yourself. Stop taking pictures that make you look “cool” in our culture. It is time to stand up for feminism. There is nothing wrong with being feminine and going hunting. There is nothing wrong with being feminine and wearing gym shorts. You don’t have to wear makeup and jewelry. Treating yourself as a lady and demanding others (especially guys!) treat you as a lady. That is being feminine. We are being robbed of it, because it’s not cool.

I have two “me’s” ( if you will ). I love doing my hair and makeup, picking out my outfits. Doing my nails. At church I wear heels. If you saw me on the street or just walking into church you would never know that I have a whole other side to me. The other side of me loves being out in the woods, bonfires, jeans and listening to country music. I love smores and throwing my hair up in a messy bun.

I don’t always wear makeup. I love animals, being with my friends and family. There is nothing wrong with not having any makeup on and having your hair done. At the end of the day as long as you love the person God has created you to be. Why should it matter what everybody else thinks? Why do we allow ourselves to be swayed by social media, and what is in. There is nothing lady like about twerking, taking selfies with almost no clothing. There is nothing wrong with being confident and I hope you are. But when you think about your self worth, don’t cheapen it!

 There is nothing wrong with being a career woman, a stay at home mom. There is nothing wrong with wearing jeans or a dress, pearls or a small cross necklace. Your favorite color doesn’t have to be pink, it can be any color. Being lady is an attitude. It is being respected for who you are and not accepting anything less then so.
So here’s to being ladies!
~ Brandy

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I am a 27 year old dreamer. Married to my husband and best friend Colin. I am mama to three fur-babies and dream of having some babies of my own. I love Coffee and Chai Tea, reading books and watching movies. I love DIY projects and baking. I love sand between my toes and the sound of the ocean. I love clean mountain air and being outdoors. I love my family and looking into their history. I am a follower of Jesus and love serving Him in my local Church. I am a lover of music and love pretty things.

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