A Few of My Favorite Things Days 3-4

Well as promised I am going to finish my favorites. I am going to go ahead and do the last two and the go into the rest of my blog.

A Few of My Favorite Things: Books

1. Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn: I love all these books!
2. I’m No Angel by Kylie Bisutti
4. While We’re Far Apart by Lynn Austin
5. Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury

Few of My Favorite Things: Hobbies

1. Crafting: Nothing beats getting in touch with my creative side and making something.
2. Singing and Dancing: I do not perform for anybody. I sometimes love to lift my voice in song.
3. Blogging: Having a blog is such a great way to share your thoughts with the world!
4. Writing (in general): I love to write short stories and poems.
5. Home decorating: Nothing beats making a house a home.

There you have it friends! A Few of My Favorite Things! 🙂

I have been on Pinterest the past couple of days pinning craft ideas and home organization and decor.. Pinterest has so many great ideas for those on a budget. If your anything like me, you have gone through the clothing pins wishing that as you pinned that cute outfit would just magicly appear.. Same for home decor. I have made a list of projects that I want to do once Colin and I are in our own place.

1. Make my own curtains: I don’t know about anybody else, but I can never find the right curtains. I have ideas floating around in my head and when I go to look for something as close to my vision… I never can find it. That or I find it and the price tag is horrifying. I have found fabric. At first, I may buy some inexpensive curtains to start out with.

2. Mason Jar soap dispensers: I found an easy tutorial on how to make them. I am wanting to do a larger on for dish soap. Then a couple of smaller ones for hand soap.

That is really to name a couple on my list. I will post about my progress on my projects.  I know I have mentioned the fact that I love printables. Friends, I went on Pinterest and found a whole bunch of them!! I smell a trip to the craft store!

What projects are you doing?
~ Brandy

Rough Waters

All I can say is this week has been an interesting one to say the least. The scary thing is; it’s only Wednesday! Here is the run down of my week so far.

My Uncle Ozzie’s viewing was on Sunday. I chose to stay home from church that morning just to have a moment just to pray and read. My husband was sick. The past couple nights leading up to Sunday morning, I had a difficult time sleeping. Saturday night I was exhausted. So I was able to catch up on some sleep. So my morning quickly turned into playing nurse before leaving. On top of my husband being sick, the Durango wouldn’t start. Thankfully my mom came and got me, and my grandmother brought me home.

Family is very important to me. It is something I want to teach my own children. Importance of family. Even though the circumstances were not the best, but I have always loved how close knit my mom’s side of the family is. I love walking in and getting hugs and the words I love you is used. That is the kind of family unit, I want to bring my children into. I am so grateful that I had to share a room with my sisters. My sisters and my mom are really my best friends. Life is too short to hold grudges, be snotty, rude and unloving towards each other.

The funeral service was the next morning. The day was tough. One of the things that ticked me off was when people were cutting through our procession to the church after the service at the funeral home. I couldn’t believe people were so rude! Later that afternoon as we sat together and ate. I decided to raid the snack table. Okay, I didn’t really raid it. I just picked what looked good. Originally I wasn’t going to. Sitting there and in my mind just going through my archives of memories. When I was little, and I would go over to any family functions. I always had my eye on all the goodies. So I would tell Uncle Ozzie, that I ate at home so I could have dessert. It seemed fitting that I should eat dessert.

Now we have come to Wednesday. The Durango had to go back into the shop. Just the amount of things going on trends to feel just over whelming. I believe that God is really just preparing me for what is to come. I love the song, It Is Well. I pray that my attitude reflects those three small words. Everyone says that God doesn’t give us more then what we can handle. I on the other hand think He does. In those moments where I just feel like everything is going wrong, He wants me to cling to Him even more. More so in the moments when it’s too hard. It doesn’t make sense why everything is happening in the timing that it is. It really never does. I pray that I will take the time to count my blessings instead of my woes.

Tomorrow, I will be blogging days 2 and 3, of my favorite things. Day 2 is books and day 3 is hobbies. 🙂


Alway’s in My Heart

* I am taking a small break from the blog series I have been doing on my favorite things. I will be doing a post in a few days to complete the series in one post. I am going to be blogging on what is going on in my personal life right now. Thank you for understanding. *

Last night, I headed down to the hospital. It all felt just like one bad dream and I couldn’t wake up from it. I hadn’t slept well the night before due to checking my phone every hour afraid I would miss a call or text. I walked through the doors of hospital and was met by my grandmother. Then began the long walk to the ICU. It seemed to take forever. My tears were blurring my sight and I was trying to keep myself together so that I can just say good bye the way I wanted to. As we entered the ICU my grandmother grabbed my hand as we walked towards the rest of my family.

My Great uncle Ozzie, was going to be taken off of life support. Nothing could have prepared me for this. Not only did we have to say good bye to a great man, but this month is already a hard month. Today marks the 5 year anniversary of my cousin Chrissy’s death. Today we are mourning two great people, taken to soon. A day and five years apart.

As I entered into his room to say my good byes. It seemed just like yesterday, every time I saw him I would giggle and hide because I knew he was going to tickle me. It seems like yesterday he and I would talk, and he would tell me to listen to my heart, and that as long as the decisions I made, made me happy and were right for me, it didn’t matter what anybody else thought. You get a card in the mail and he would sign every card with ” LOVE ME” in caps. If he got you a present and knew you would like it, he would wrap the gift with more tape then wrapping paper. making it next to impossible to open it.

I hugged my aunts and then I gave my uncle Ozzie a kiss and told him that I loved him. Then was with him when he took his last breath. It was the hardest things I have ever had to. I was blessed to have known him. I am blessed to have a close knit family that loves each other. After he had left us, I was holding his hand in mine (while my aunt stepped out for a little bit). I sat there and just couldn’t believe he was gone. No longer is he in pain. After we had let the hospital, I saw so many trucks ( uncle Ozzie was a trucker) in some ways seeing all those trucks was like God saying everything was going to be okay.

Good byes are not easy. Especially when it is someone you love. You don’t think saying good bye is even possible until your forced to. In some ways, it doesn’t feel real. I talked to mom, and told Colin that I loved him. Took a nap, because I had a hard time sleeping last night. I am thankful he was at my wedding, my graduation, birthday parties.. Thankful for every hug and advice.

I want to take a moment and thank everybody who has sent their well wishes and prayers for my family. We appreciate it very much.

I love you Uncle Ozzie and Chrissy

Photo credit: My aunt Koren Rawlings with other great aunts and grandmother and my great uncle Ozzie.

My uncle Ozzie, my mom and I am the baby and the little girl is Chrissy.

~ Brandy

A Few of My Favorite Thing Day 2

Before I get into my favorite things for today. I was logging onto the computer this morning and couldn’t help but notice on my screen a list of first names that make better spouses. I knew that my first name wasn’t going to be on the list. Let’s be honest all the Brandy’s in the world are dancers, singers, movie stars, ect.. My husband’s name isn’t on the list either. I find it kind of funny. Here is the blog post: http://xfinity.comcast.net/blogs/lifestyle/2014/01/21/apparently-people-with-these-first-names-make-for-better-spouses/?cid=hero_media_ivillage   let me know your thoughts!

There is yet another article on what your baby’s name choice say’s about you… I couldn’t resist. Even though Colin and I don’t have any kids yet, we do have names picked. So I thought it would be fun to see what our name choices say about us. Obviously, I am keeping my baby names secret for right now. But I have to say, that it was pretty accurate. Here is the link for you to check it out for yourself.
http://xfinity.comcast.net/slideshow/news-whatyourbabynamesays/1/  here is a hint; my baby names are vintage, biblical, and family name. 😉

Okay so let’s get into day two of a Few of My Favorite Things!
Today’s topic: 5 most listened to songs

1. Hold Me Together by Royal Tailor
2. I Wonder by Leeland
3. Royals by Lorde
4. Held by Natalie Grant
5. Crazy by Patsy Cline

So there you have it! I hope you all have a great day!

~ Brandy

A Few of My Favorite Things: Day 1

Hello friends! For the next few days, I am going to be talking about some of my favorite things. I am going to call this blog series A Few of My Favorite Things. I will start the beginning of my blogs with the series, and end with whatever else is on my mind (if anything that day) any blogger out there feel free to blog your favorite things as well! The object is to name only five.  Here are the 4 topics
Day 1: TV shows
Day 2: Top 5 songs you listen to daily
Day 3: Books
Day 4: Hobbies

So my first topic is: TV shows! So Here we go:

1. Downton Abbey: My lanta…… The first time I started watching it was season 1. I’ll admit that some of my favorite shows I end seeing an episode from season 3 before I ended up becoming obsessed. I love Downton Abbey. The glitz, the glamor, the drama filled halls of the beautiful estate. Filled with Lords and Ladies. You laugh, you cry. do not get me started on the dresses.. I am really loving Downton Abbey this season. It has been full of surprises so far. Leaving me on the edge of my seat waiting for Sunday nights!

2. Once Upon A Time: Did anybody else want to scream when they said we had to wait till March?? Again from seeing season 1 I was hooked. Literally speaking of course. 😉 I guess you can tell that this girl loves her Sunday nights! It is clean, and my husband will even watch it for the action in it.

3. Criminal Minds: I like a good crime solving show. and even when things get creepy and gross. I like this show. I love watching the profiling.

4. Bones: Another crime show but with, well, bones. I love all the science that goes into how the figure out everything they need to know by looking at bones.

5. Reign: I just started watching this show, and holy cow. It takes a lot to grab my interest and boy did this show. It begins again this coming Thursday.

My goodness picking only five things is going to be difficult. I already sense it! But this is a great way for you to get to know me.

I have become obsessed with free printables. I love having framed quotes and Bible verses. It really is an affordable way to add décor to your homes.


I got these from Biblical Homemaking Blog. She has some great printables on her site!

Well, I am going to end this post. I hope you all have a great evening, and I will see you with my next post!

~ Brandy

No-Poo Challenge

I am going to try the no-poo challenge. Basically what it is, is me washing my hair with baking soda. Thankfully my scalp isn’t sensitive. I have been adding baking soda to my shampoo. I have noticed a huge difference in my hair since I started. I am actually very excited to see the results of this challenge. I will be doing this for a month. I think it is going to be difficult only because I am so use to reaching my Dove shampoo. However, I am comited to improving the over all look  of my hair. I will be posting weekly updates on the results. That will include a photo, and my thoughts and feelings on the challenge. If you have ever tried the no-poo challenge, what did you think of it? Let me know if the comments below!

Here is a before picture:


Here’s to having better looking hair!

Here Comes 2014

Well the new year is here and I am looking forward to starting my family. I feel ready, and ready to move on to the next chapter of my life. I will be 23 in March. The really scary fact is that once I turn 23, I will have 3 years before I turn 26.. I feel as though my life has just zipped right past me.. It is really crazy to think about.

Being a planner by nature, I have started pricing baby things, and figuring out how much money we will need to save. I have been on Pinterest and looking for ideas and really just planning away. I am looking forward to putting some of those plans in action. We have two names picked out, one for a boy and the other for a girl. I have been thinking of creative ways to announce that we are expecting. In all honesty though, I really haven’t put to much thought into those ideas. I have also been thinking of gender reveal parties. I like the idea of having close friends and family together to tell them in person the gender before announcing on social media. However, I really can’t imagine throwing a big party like you see pinned on Pinterest. Is this just me?

As I prepare myself to embark on my TTC journey. I have decided to try not to chart, stress, and worry over it. It is a lot easier to say then do. I have been keeping track of my cycles, and fertile weeks. I really want to just relax, and allow things happen naturally. One of things that I have been doing has been remembering that everything happens in seasons. I have really been mentally preparing myself. Really preparing to get into a zone. If you have any advice, please feel free to share with me! I would love to get your input!

~ Brandy